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Explore More Thought Leader Success Stories

Mariangela Abeo

Founder, Faces of Fortitude

Mariangela was passionate about her mission of helping families process and deal with suicide of loved ones. However, she wasn’t getting the traction she wanted and was uncertain what to do. We helped Mariangela crystalize her idea, and since working with us she has already been featured on E! News and Yahoo, and grown her social media by the thousands….all before her TEDx talk has even gone live on YouTube! She just delivered her TEDx talk where she received a standing ovation.

Success Story ZANDER FRYER
Zander Fryer

Founder, High Impact Coaching

Zander already had a coaching business that was doing well, however he wanted to take it to the next level and become a global authority in his industry. His TEDx talk has over 40k views and he effortlessly enrolls coaching clients because they know exactly who he is, what he stands for and what his company values are.

Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Coach, Facilitator

Kyla was a coach and speaker who had never been paid a penny to speak and wanted to get paid gigs, but didn’t know how to start and was hesitant about investing in herself. After working together, she’s landed three TEDx talks, booked her first paid speaking gig for $3,000 and been invited on TV and multiple podcasts.

Success Story NEHA GUPTA
Neha Gupta

Founder, College Shortcuts

Neha wasn’t sure if she would be able to land a talk and wasn’t clear on the idea she wanted to talk about. Today, she has landed two TEDx talks and delivered her talk to over 600 people. Since her TEDx talk has gone live, she’s been featured on CBS, Good Morning San Diego, Newsweek, and

Success Story JASON REID
Jason Reid

CEO, Founder, ChooseLife

Jason was already a successful entrepreneur when he first found us, but he had a new mission burning inside of him after his son took his own life in March of 2018. Jason is now making headway on his mission to end teen suicide by 2030. His TEDx talk has over 100,000 views, he’s producing a full length documentary film to be released in the spring of 2020, and he’s been featured in LA Weekly, Psychology Today, top parenting podcasts and most importantly, saving lives and impacting thousands of people. He just delivered his 2nd TEDx talk, expanding on the mission of his first talk.

Jennifer Kluczkowski

Founder, Mindfresh

As CEO of Mindfresh, Jen was hesitant about how much time it would take to land a TEDx talk and wasn’t sure if her idea was a good fit. Since working together, Jen landed and delivered the perfect TEDx event for her message. Her talk has been reposted on the official website (which receives roughly 30 million website visits per year.)