Public Speaker Coaching

Do you have a message that you want to get out into the world? At Thought-Leader, we confront the hard truth that your message will never truly matter without an audience that is willing to listen.

To get that audience we’ve helped hundreds of aspiring motivational speakers land talks.

Public Speaker Coaching

We’re A Leading Public Speaking Consulting Company

We’re a public speaking training company that has a proven track record of success. Unlike other public speaking agencies, we hire current and former “World’s Biggest Stage” speakers to work for us. These individuals know the ins and outs of becoming a public speaker and can help you master the “World’s Biggest Stage.”

Whether you’re an inspirational speaker or an educational entrepreneur, our public speaking coaching is here to help you. From our virtual Talk Practice Club to Speaker Certifications and *TEDx style coaching, we help you get your message out into the world where it belongs.

*Thought-Leader isn’t affiliated with TED or TEDx organization, however, we have employed previous TEDx speakers to work for us.


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Speaker Training Starts Here

We’ve developed a blueprint for 400+ successful clients.


Work With A Professional Public Speaking Coach To Get Crystal Clear On Your Message

Do you know you have a story inside you? Maybe you’re unsure how to crystallize it into a single idea that cuts through the noise. Perhaps you have multiple messages you could tell…or none at all (yet).

Regardless of where you’re at in your process, our Talk Advisors and TEDx style coaches can help. They’ve each worked with hundreds of thought leaders like yourself to help clarify ideas and determine if your message has what it takes for the world’s biggest stage.

Some aspiring speakers spend $20,000-$40,000 to hire a public speaking coach or work with a public speaking firm that can help them. But, what if we could help hold you accountable to your goals for significantly less? This is where it all begins.

Professional Public Speaking Coach
Speaking Presentation


Craft a Speaking Presentation That Leaves An Impact

If accepted into the Thought-Leader Accelerator program, it means your message has what it takes to cut through the noise and leave an impact on the world. You have a story inside you, now it’s time to share it.

Here, our Talk Writing Intensive offers expert guidance and support so you can script a viral-worthy signature talk for the world’s biggest stage.


Become the Professional Speaker You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Public speaker coaching has never been easier. Our Application Intensives take you inside the mind of TEDx organizers. Here former TEDx speakers and writing coaches work with you to craft an application that is guaranteed to stand out and get you noticed.

Become the Professional Speaker
Build Your Personal Brand


Leverage Your Talk To Build Your Personal Brand

Join our Talk Marketing Intensive to learn how to leverage your talk once it goes live. Use our framework to receive maximum leverage for your talk, and grow your audience.

Build your business, your brand, and your legacy. Ultimately it’s not just about the talk…it’s about the opportunities that come as a result.

Join Our ThoughtLeadersTM Community

Like a virtual Toastmasters, our thriving community of experts, entrepreneurs,
change-makers, and thought leaders are here to help you each step of your professional speaking journey.

LIVE Weekly Talk Practices

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to go LIVE in front of an audience of your peers to practice your talk (and get immediate, positive feedback from your community).

Community-Lead Activities & Virtual Meetups

Things like weekly challenges, book clubs, and accountability groups are just a few of the things happening inside our community every day.

MEMBERS-ONLY App & Platform

Imagine logging into a PRIVATE platform made up ENTIRELY of other thought leaders and change-makers like yourself! That’s exactly what our ThoughtLeaderTM Community is!

Guest Experts, Live Trainings, & More...

Each month we periodically bring in guest experts, coaches, and individuals who have their own public speaking companies. We offer live training from our community, the Thought-Leader team, and other experts you might recognize.

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Public Speakers
Just Like You

We’ve helped over 400 clients share their message on the world’s biggest stage.
Will you be next?

I’m now a TEDx speaker and just landed my first paid speaking gig for $3k thanks to Thought-Leader! I could not be more proud of my talk!

Self-empowerment coach

My TEDx talk now has over 4.6 million views and has led to 250+ paid speaking gigs, being featured in The TODAY Show, and a six-figure book deal with the world’s largest publisher.
Kevin Breel
Kevin Breel

Professional Comedian and Speaker

I had dreamed of speaking on the TEDx stage for years, but didn’t know how to make it happen. Then I started working with Thought-Leader, and landed a TEDx talk in 8 weeks!

Author & Entrepreneur

Public Speaker Training

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