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changing your life forever
Brad's TEDx feature

Our Most Recent Success Story

Brad’s TEDx Message Is Helping Businesses On A Global Scale

Eli Nash
Eli Nash

Co-founder, MicDrop

Already a successful entrepreneur, Eli wanted to share his struggles and lessons about the controversial issues of sex and porn addiction, however, he didn’t know how to consciously articulate it. We helped him through this process and to get clear on his idea and mission. His TEDx talk now has over 4 million views and has led to praise and a partnership with two-time NBA champion, Lamar Odon, as well as landing top podcasts and media.

Kevin Breel

Writer, Comedian, Activist

My TEDx Talk now has over 4 million views and has led to 250+ paid speaking gigs, being featured on The TODAY Show, and a six-figure book deal with the world’s largest publisher. This all happened because I just followed The ThoughtLeader system. I suggest you do the same.

Kevin Breel

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Thought Leader Accelerator

Tyrone Dyvonn Burton

Educational Consultant

Tyrone tells us why he chose Thought-Leader and TEDx!
Michael Twining


Mike Twining has been selected to TWO TEDx events to speak about climate smart agriculture and food production, his passions. His goal is to have a meaningful impact on our planet. He is appreciative of the Thought-Leader team in helping him get on the stage and deliver a clear and engaging speech. Special shoutout to Tanja Diamond for all her amazing coaching!
Lorissa Rinehart


Lorissa Rinehart writes about women, art, war, and their points of intersection.

Her writing has recently appeared in Hyperallergic, Perfect Strangers, and Narratively, among other publications. Her forthcoming biography, First to the Front: The Untold Story of Dickey Chapelle, Trailblazing Female War Correspondent is due out from St. Martin’s Press in summer 2023.

Through support from Thought Leader, she was able to land a TEDx talk to share her message with the world.

Xenia Barnes

Trauma Coach | Motivational Speaker

Xenia is a reverend, coach, and professional speaker, whose most aspirational speaking goal has always been the TEDx stage. With the support of Thought Leader, she was able to have a framework that gave her the structure to pursue this goal.
Catherine Quinlan

Associate Professor of Science Education, Tenured | Keynote Speaker | Author | TEDx Speaker

I am a science education researcher. Currently, I am funded by the National Science Foundation to create culturally representative STEM curriculum of African American Gullah Geechee and generally Blacks in the United States. Author of recent May 8, 2021 article: “Creating an Instrument to Measure Social and Cultural Self-efficacy Indicators for Persistence of HBCU Undergraduates in STEM” in Research In Science Education.
Siria Gutierrez

Chief Executive Officer at Gutierrez Law, PLLC

Siria L. Gutierrez, CPCC & Esq., (she/her) is a professional question asker helping leaders liberate themselves from their perceived limits so they can start living their fulfilling lives. She is a speaker, mental fitness coach, lawyer, podcaster, and Supernatural fanatic based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Siria is a certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Positive Intelligence Coach. She is a faculty member for From Hostage to Hero with SariDLM, Inc., where she helps trial lawyers nationwide transform from hostages to heros.
Kristy Burtenshaw

Structural Integrator, Holistic practitioner, gut healing, Bible study journals

Kristy has been a massage therapist for the past eleven years, focusing on Dr. Rolf’s method of Structural Integration, nutrition, with a balanced holistic approach. She has worked with 400 clients in person and thousands of men and women online to reduce pain, improve mobility, balance their gut, and overcome trauma. Midwives and Physical Therapists have requested targeted trainings with Kristy to make their work more targeted and their approach more effective, and dance studios and schools have had flexibility trainings to prevent injuries with their dancers. Her insatiable curiosity about the body has been the catalyst for continued study of the universe that is the human soul. She is currently writing bible studies focusing on healing holistically.

Jaron Banks

Cross Fit Coach

I love health and fitness and helping others to enjoy both. I do this in my chiropractic practice at Russell Chiropractic Center and I teach lectures and workshops on engaging health topics to business and community groups. I am also involved in the Olympia area with many athletic and community events to show others how chiropractic can help them live out their health and fitness goals.
Nancy Knettell

Nutrition Coach

She talks about how much she loves how accelerated the process is.
Mark Hulsewe

Actor, Speaker

Mark is passionate about addressing the crisis of gun violence within schools, and the mental health issues at the root.
Michael Anderson


Michael came to Thought Leader seeking structure and accountability for his creative process, and has found that through the team he now considers not only coaches, but friends.
Mark Luce

Medical Doctor

Mark’s message revolves around his work bringing medical training to the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine. Through his work, he has developed a passion for spreading the message of accessibility to medical training in war-stricken regions.
Julie Donley

Psychiatric nurse

Julie is a psychiatric nurse whose message focuses on the themes of respect within leadership.
Korbin Lyn Paul

Life Coach for Creative Leaders

Korbin shares why she chose to work with Thought-Leader to land a TEDx talk and how the Thought-Leader Accelerator program has positively impacted her. From making new connections with like-minded individuals to learning valuable speaking tools, Thought-Leader has helped Korbin level up her speaking and coaching career.
Efrat Ya’ahalomit Bearwoman

Reiki Master & Fashion Designer

Efrat knew she was meant to speak and get her message out into the world, but she had no idea HOW to do that. Thought-Leader came in at just the right time to teach her everything she needed to know to land her TEDx talk!
Scott Wilson


Scott reflects on the value of the 1-min video process in refining his message, as well as the larger Application Intensive process.
Julia Weeks


Julia has an enormous heart, and in this video really dives into how she has been conquering her fear, and letting the process flow.
Glen Morrison


Glen has just completed his TEDx plan, and this talk has been a dream since childhood.
Suzanne Ciardella


Suzanne is in the midst of her TEDx journey! She is in the process of writing her speech, practicing it, and applying for TEDx events. Suzanne has a beautiful and positive mindset, and is ready to achieve her goal of delivering a TEDx Talk!
Lynda Allen


For the past 50 years, I have worked within non-profit and government organizations; working with most populations, serving in most every capacity. I have been focused for the past 18 years on my unique Make Your Mark in Life Learning Center in Vero Beach, FL, Originally trained as a special education teacher, I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Special Education. I am also certified as a Prevention Professional and ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love minister.

Caitlin Clark

Flow State Hoop Dancer and Teacher

After connecting so well working together to develop her TEDx talk, I got to visit Caitlin in her beautiful home! We talk about her journey so far with Thought-Leader, and she demonstrates a bit of what she does on camera for you!

Courntey Fae Long

Creator of Mariposa Sacred Sexuality

Courtney is in the middle of doing her applications and reflects on her TLA experience so far, and how she’s been able to work through self doubt in the process!

Jessica Radiance

Embodiment Coach

Meet Jessica Radiance, one of our amazing clients in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program. Come along with us as we explore Jessica’s journey in the Thought-Leader Accelerator journey.
Dr. Somer Nicole

Trauma Resolution; Creator of Somatic Reparenting Method™

Dr. Somer landed her talk at TEDxZimbabwe and has 58K views only 1 month after the talk went live. She talks about some ways she saved herself a bit of energy while applying for a TEDx stage.
Rummana Syeda

Chemical Engineer

Meet Rummana! She is a current student in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program. She is a chemical engineer by trade and has recently landed her first TEDx talk. Come along with us as we explore the Thought-Leader Accelerator program and Rummana’s story.

Sandra Sweetman

Intuitive and Sound Healer

Meet Sandra – a current member of our Thought-Leader Accelerator program. In this video we explore Sandra’s experience in the program so far and get to hear her thoughts on our workshops! Come along on the ride!

Savio Clemente

Author | Journalist | Podcast Host

Meet Savio – one of our amazing graduates of the Thought-Leader Accelerator program. Savio recently had his TEDx talk go live and in this video we discuss his journey and experience.

Nanette Murphy

Divorce Coach

Meet Nanette – one of our amazing students in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program. In this video we explore Nanette’s experience in the program so far, including our workshops! Come along with us.

Boots Knighton

The Heart Chamber

Boots delivered her talk at TEDxGrandJunction. She most loved refining her idea until it truly represented the core of who she is. She has some fantastic words of wisdom for anyone looking to go into TLA.

Jim Walter

Founder and President of the Institute for the Preservation of Health (IPH)

Meet Jim – one of our amazing students in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program. In this video we explore Jim’s experience in the program so far. Come along with us as we explore the Thought-Leader Accelerator program.

Don Lamp

Retired Nurse | Public Speaker

Don Lamp is in the White Glove Thought-Leader Accelerator and shares a reflection on the idea development and application development part of the process!

Jason Corder

Thought Leader | Public Speaker | Film Producer

Jason Corder joined Thought-Leader in August 2023 and landed his first TEDx Talk at Valparaiso Univeristy to be delivered on February 16, 2024. He has loved the programs and enjoyed working with our team of coaches and support.

Dr.Kadhir Rajagopal

President of Miracle University

Kadhir delivered his talk on the Dropout Epidemic in America at TEDx Milton HS and shares his mission and the passion to get it on stage.

Sabrina Stratford

Human Trafficking Abolitionist

Sabrina Stratford’s first TEDx talk delivers this important message about human trafficking: Start at home and empower your kids with the basic knowledge they need to stay safe online and prevent predators from infiltrating their world. She has since landed her second talk in China and is a trafficking abolitionist who cannot be stopped!

Elizabeth Overstreet

Relationship Strategist | Author

Her experience working with our team and overcoming hurdles to land a Tedx talk.

Mark Colo


Mark delivered his talk at TEDx St.George in front of a crowd of 450 people. He had a wonderful experience through and through.

Alicia Smith

Educator | Speaker | Fitness Instructor

Meet Alicia- an educator, speaker and fitness instructor. Come along with us as we explore her journey through the Thought-Leader Accelerator journey and her journey to the TEDx stage.

Christine Maier

Author, Speaker

Christine talks about her journey to get on the TEDx stage, and how much she loved working with the coaches on honing in on her idea. She delivered her talk “Gift A Smile” at TEDxDeerParkWomen.
Christine takes us on a little-known journey of what it’s like to have cleft lip and/or palate. Whether undergoing countless surgeries as one of the “lucky ones” or not having that luxury, it can be a lonely and scary experience. With one simple act, we can make a difference.

Karen White

Retired University Professor

Meet Karen White! A retired professor who speaks about preparing for retirement. Join us as we journey through Karen’s journey to the TEDx stage!

Dante Poole

Educator and Leadership Consultant

Meet Dante Poole- an educator and master of all things leadership. Come along with us as we explore Dante’s experience in the Thought-Leader Accelerator and his journey to the TEDx stage!

Katherine Lizardo

Lawyer and Speaker

Meet Katherine Lizardo! She is a Lawyer based out of Texas and a professional speaker. Come along with us as we chat about Katherine and her experience in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program!

Sue Young


Meet Sue Young! A lawyer who has a passion for human rights in the United States. Come along with us as we explore her experience in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program and her journey to the TEDx stage!

Aaron Johnson

CEO and Founder

How the Thought-Leader team helped hold him accountable and gave him the path for a Tedx Talk.

Hege Jacobsen

Officer & Veteran | Traveler & Writer

Her experience of how she worked with Thought-Leader to land her Tedx talk.

Lydia Knorr

Healthy Living Ambassador

Lydia landed and delivered her talk with TEDxColeParkStudio – in this video she shares her story of how she did it, and shares her passion for her idea:

Your voice has the power to do three things in life.
It gives you agency over your own life; it can make a positive impact on the life of someone else; and it establishes ‘connection’, which leads to a greater overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. Lydia Knorr, MHSc Health and Wellness Speaker and Educator.

Vicki Steinwurtzel


Meet Vicki Steinwurtzel! She is a member of our Thought-Leader Accelerator Program. She is an Educator, Mom and traveller. In this video, Vicki will detail her journey through the accelerator program and give you the in’s and out’s!

Teri Brown


Meet Teri Brown! An Author and now TEDx speaker! Join us as Teri walks us through her experience in the Thought-Leader Accelerator Program.

Lorena Frey

Licensed Clinical Therapist

Meet Lorena Frey! Lorena is a Licensed Clinical Therapist who works with survivors of trafficking. Lorena is passionate about making the world a better place and is a seasoned speaker. In this video, Lorena will explain her experience with the Thought-Leader Accelerator program and all the in’s and out’s you will want to know!

Emilio Justo

Surgeon at Arizona Eye Institute & Cosmetic Laser Center

How Thought-Leader helped him land a Tedx talk.

Jacquie Chandler

Speaker, Author, Song-writer, Geotourism Guide

Jacquie’s experience working with our team helping her accomplish her dream of 20 years by giving a Tedx Talk.

Don Richardson


Don has been working with us closely to develop his idea and talks about loving the process.

Adam Ward

Consultant and Coach

Meet Adam Ward! After spending years in the corporate space he decided to leave and chase fulfillment. Adam has dedicated his most recent work to helping other people leave their corporate jobs and chase their purpose!

Rob Tillman

Chief Innovation Officer, Founder

Rob loves that all of our programs are based on frameworks and processes that are easy to understand and replicate. He was originally drawn to our BIG PROMISE and feels that each team member he encounters is bought into that vision.

Aaron Schultz


In this video you will meet Aaron- one of our amazing Thought-Leader Accelerator clients. We will deep dive into Aaron’s experiences thus far in the program and how it has changed his life!

Jim Loring

Humanitarian Photographer

How Thought-Leader was able to help him land a Tedx talk!

Dr. Dan Tomasulo

Positive Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Academic Director

Dr. Dan shares his experience working with Thought-Leader in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program. He shares how he delivered his TEDx Talk and puts us into the moments that defined his journey with us here at TL.

Erika Nabuurs

Medicine Woman

Erika became ready for the world to hear what she has to say and Taylor’s video popped onto her feed that very same night. She has landed her talk at TEDx Borrowdale and has appreciated the support and accountability here at TL to overcome her fear of persecution. She is amazing and we love her!!

Jason Ferguson

Senior Corporate Sales Manager

Meet Jason- a man whose positivity and energy is contagious! Come along with us as we deep dive into Jason’s experience on his journey to the TEDx stage and how he overcame imposter syndrome as well as self doubt.

Jenifer Joy

Professional Unicorn- there isn’t much she doesn’t do!

Jenifer believes that finding your inner genius and sharing it with others is the way to bring joy into your life. Jenifer is tapping into her inner genius with our Thought-Leader Accelerator program and Pitch Day!

Ulrike Selleck

Opera singer, artist, energy healer, mom, entrepreneur, and ayurvedic cook

Ulrike recently began her TLA journey. After watching Taylor’s webinars, she decided to join the program and has loved experiencing the “yummy” writing process! She is in the process of developing her application content as well as her talk.

Crystal Kim

Author, Radio show speaker & Founder of Frankly Digital Enterprises LLC

Crystal was looking to make a difference within her community. Giving a Tedx talk helped her reach additional members.

Keshia Santero

Spiritual teacher-Healer-Artist-Intuitive

Keshia has been diving head first into her own spiritual and personal growth as she’s used the tools here at TL to develop her idea and talk.

Katherine Lizardo

Esq., the ADHD Mom, founder of ADHD Life Simplified

Katherine talks about speaking at Thought Leader Talks because she is part of HPS and also mentions TLA.

Kia Afcari

Co-Founder, Consultant and Coach

How Kia has been preparing his whole life for his Tedx talk. Also how Thought-Leader took him to the finish line.

Sharla Lee Shults Profile
Sharla Lee Shults

Author of the Catnip of Life

Sharla Lee is an educator and an author of the best selling book “The Catnip of Life”. Sharla Lee is passionate about the healing powers of nature and the ways in which it connects us with our truest form of self. Sharla Lee has been in tune to the effects of nature her whole life and is looking to share this message with the world.

Emma B. Perez

Founder of Be On Purpose, LLC, Emma is a mentor who specializes in helping teens and young adults craft who they want to be and how they will impact the world

Emma shares her experience today with Thought-Leader. We talked about the clarity the process has given her and how it has helped her move forward in the process of landing her TEDx stage.

Graham Cochrane

Author, host of The Graham Cochrane Show. I help people build a business that serves their life, not the other way around.

Graham shares his journey with us and talks about what drove him to want to deliver a TEDx talk. He talks about his favorite parts of the process and shares some insights with future Thought-Leaders.

Curtis Sweet

Cybersecurity Professional | Keynote Speaker | Artist

Curtis and Bradley took time in this short interview to chat about Curtis’s experience and how the Thought-Leader Accelerator Program has helped him in creating and refining his message.

Harish Bikmal

Founder of Zenaviv

Harish just landed his talk at TEDx Warrington and will be doing it with his son. We talked about his company and what he’s loved about the TL experience so far.

Tim Seelig

Speaker, Conductor, Author, Educator, TEDx Speaker

Tim was an exceptional client who crushed the process and delivered his talk in a powerful and effective way. We chatted about his favorite parts of the journey and what wisdom he would be able to offer to future clients.

Paul Glover

The No B.S. Leaders Legacy Coach & Corporate Speaker

Today Paul and I talked about his journey with us to the stage. We chatted about how his resistence to our program eventually transformed into his love for the process!

Brook Winfeland

Director of Analytics

Brook is in the Thought-Leader Accelerator program and has really excelled given the amount of focus and strategy this process provides.

Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie has been crushing our TLA program and has about 80 applications submitted. Her idea is on helping introverted entrepreneurs find their voice.

Jacia Kornwise

Embodied Soul Coach, Conscious Dance Facilitator, Breathwork Facilitator, Speaker, Shadow Coach

Her experience on working with our team and her journey to landing a Tedx talk.

Stephanie Anderson


Stephanie has not yet landed her talk but has submitted 60+ applications so far and is an amazing human. She’s received a few no’s from organizers so far, which we talk about during the interview. She’s an incredibly positive influence for anyone wanting to get into this program.

Terry Fossum

Team Elite at Nu Skin Enterprises

How we assisted him in landing a Tedx Talk
Nick Shelton

Speaker, Stand-Up Comedian, Best Selling Author & Social Strategy Coach Helping Introverts, Shy and Socially Awkward People Upgrade Their Lives and Lifestyles

Nick started our program hitting the ground running and followed the steps in the system. He didn’t over complicate the process and that helped him to complete over 80 applications and go through all our trainings in just under 2 months when he landed his TEDx Talk.

Nana Ponceleon

TEDx Speaker, Business Woman, Life Explorer, coach and Actress.

Only when women & men collaborate & co-create their world together we’ll have a new & better planet. Nana Ponceleon was born in Venezuela but has lived her life between the United States and her home country. She is an expert in sales having worked managing sectors like banking, manufacturing, telecom, government, OEM, telesales for mid-market sector and loyalty programs for the giant corporation, Microsoft and Philip Brothers, which was the commodities division of the former Salomon Brothers.

Sofia Din

Anti-Aging MD & your favorite Beauty guide

Her testimony from giving her Tedx Talk at Tedx Georgetown.
Mark Thompson

Results-driven B2B strategist for Fortune 500 & mid-market CEOs. I help to achieve consensus around the future strategy

Mark was able to utilize the training we have here at Thought-Leader to enrich his already extensive experience and learn a new way to master the structure of a talk. This has helped him rethink the way he works with a talk and create new momentum and desire to create an even larger and more powerful presence on the stage.

Paul Glover

The No B.S. Leaders Legacy Coach & Corporate Speaker

Paul was able to land, deliver, and leverage his powerful TEDx talk with Thought-Leader and use that credibility to land speaking opportunities as well!
Mariah & Byron Edgington

Speakers | Authors | Neurodiversity Advocates

Mariah & Byron share their experience working with Thought-Leader and how we helped them land 3 TEDx talks. “Taylor Conroy and the Thought-Leader Coaches & staff. Wow, you’re an amazing group of leaders. Thank you for all you’ve given us.”
Jeffrey Weiss

Director / CEO

How the Thought-Leader team helped Jeffrey take the next steps in his speaker career.

David Daniels

Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Thought-Leader supported David through his journey to land 2 TEDx talks and is now featured on the TED website. He’s used his TEDx talk to grow his coaching business and spread his message of presence with the world.

Anna Evans

Physical Therapist, Professor

Anna most enjoyed working with our coaches to develop a call to action that is powerful and cohesive. She continued to work with her Thought-Leader peers throughout her process, because with their support she found her voice.

Cynthia Guy

Founder at Health Enrichment, LLC

Cynthia dedicated herself to studying Thought-Leader’s curriculum and was pleased when it quickly came to fruition, and she landed her TEDx talk. She encourages everyone to trust the process!

Mark Ereth

Doctor, Professor

Mark landed two TEDx talks as a result of our program, and was able to develop two different but related talks that serve his underlying message. He believes in sticking to our process as closely as possible and benefited from the structure provided by our program.

Cynthia Coup


Working with Thought-Leader helped Cynthia overcome her self-doubt and trust that she is an expert with an important message to share!

Neena Meehan

Creative Parenting Coach

The Thought-Leader program helped Neena re-position her message to reach a new and larger audience. Working with Thought-Leader saved Neena valuable time by streamlining the journey to the TEDx stage with the structure of their program.

Yarona Boster

Professional Speaker, Certified Speaker & Life Coach

Yarona was struggling to reach the number of people she wanted to be and knew that the next step for her to widen her impact was a TEDx talk. Thought-Leader made what she thought was a daunting goal her reality, and now she can focus her energy on helping others!

Jill Melton

Author and Speaker

Jill was able to break through her own self-imposed barriers during the Thought-Leader Accelerator. The small group work and coaching enabled her to cut through the noise and drill down to the core of her message.

Conny Strub

Founder – STRUB Activewear

Conny wanted to be with big thinkers, and this opportunity presented itself to her. She most benefited from working with the coaches who guided her to her authentic message.

Amy Cross

Grocery Expert, Blogger, and Course Creator

Thought-Leader helped Amy learn how to build a team of people that support her in sharing a message to reach millions!

Suzanne Mahadeo

Filmmaker, Non-Profit Director

Working with Thought-Leader enabled Suzanne to fulfill her vision of doing a TEDx talk. The structure and accountability have both been vital to her journey, and she loves getting to practice her talk to an audience of like-minded peers and coaches.

Paul Glover

Executive Business Coach

Paul assumed that he didn’t need the help of Thought-Leader because he had already given his talk before, but he was surprised at home much harder the process was once he began it. He stayed open-minded during his work with our program and as a result, experienced more ease and success on his journey to the TEDx stage.

Roland Thompson

Non-Profit Founder

Roland benefited from a structured process to guide him on his journey to the TEDx stage. If he had done this on his own he would have quit, so working with Thought-Leader enabled him to stay committed to sharing his message with the world.

Phil Cohen

Founder, Speaker, Coach

Phil knew he wanted to become a TEDx speaker but didn’t know where to start. The Thought-Leader program allowed him to take it step-by-step and land his talk with the support of a close-knit community of other speakers.

Leigh Hall

UX | Qualitative Researcher

Thought-Leader’s Talk Writing Intensive helped Leigh create a solid outline for her TEDx talk that gave her the structure & confidence to deliver a talk she was proud of!

Brad Stevens

Founder/CEO Outsource Access

What A TEDx Talk Can Do For Your Business: Learn about how Brad grew his business and used TEDx to market himself

Katie Kimball

Founder/CEO of Kids Cook Real Food

Katie Kimball used Thought-Leader’s TEDx program to go from a small-town teacher to a 6-Fig Business Owner!

Dr. Margaret Cochran

Psychotherapist In Private Practice, Transpersonal Psychologist, Mental Health Practitioner, Educator Author, Media Personality

Margaret speaks on the difficult journey to the Tedx stage and how the love and support of the Thought-Leader program made it easier.

Mariama Whyte

Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Coach

Mariama has been on many stages as a performer but was craving the chance to show up on a stage as her authentic self. As a creative individual, Mariama has a lot of ideas and used Thought-Leader’s support to hone in on her idea and find clarity in her direction to the TEDx stage.

Patricia Van Pelt


Her journey throughout her life to the Tedx stage

Mike Strausbaugh

Musician, Music Mentor

After struggling with a rare genetic disease and the imposter syndrome that came with a late diagnosis, Mike knew he had an important message to share with the world. So he committed to working with Thought-Leader to make that dream a concrete plan. He now feels more confident and powerful in his mission to change the world for the better.

Leah Skurdel

Speaker, Event Leader, Author

Leah had a strong calling to help other moms manage their stress. Thought-Leader has given Leah the confidence and tools needed to continue to create a profound impact in the world.

Jenny McCombs


She shares her experience from the support of the Thought-Leader team to her giving her TEDx Talk.

Joel Salomon

Finance Coach

Joel gave his TEDx Talk on how we can live better lives by improving our income. Joel shares with us about how much he enjoyed the support from the Thought-Leader community.

Christine Ramsay

Certified Diversity Professional

Working with Thought-Leader helped Christine overcome self-doubt and allowed her to surround herself with a community of supportive, like-minded people. She’s now a speaker at the United Nations and recently landed two keynotes paying over 10k each!

David Gerber

Executive Coach

The Thought-Leader team helped David extract his idea from many stories to create a clear and powerful talk. Now his TEDx talk has over 1 Million views!

Mary Miner

Senior Perioperative Practice Specialist

The Thought-Leader program and community gave Mary increased confidence and a clear pathway toward a goal that seems achievable and easy to follow!

Ava Kaufman

Founder/President Ava’s Heart

Ava shares her experience about how Thought-Leader helped her land her TEDx talk, and then leverage it to support her non-profit.

Nicole Stillings

Manifestation Expert, Mindset Coach, TV Personality, Podcast Host, Investor & Advisor

Nicole Stillings is a powerful manifestation coach who teaches her clients how to create the life they love and dream of through manifestation routines mindsets and habits.

Kimberly Godsey


Kimberly Godsey is a practicing Nurse who has seen the capacity for connecting mental and physical healing together to create a more powerful and effective healing path for her patients.

Blaine Bartlett

Keynote Speaker, Author, Co-Host BloombergTV & AppleTV, Executive & Leadership Coach

As an advocate for elegant leadership and self-growth, Blaine saw the opportunity to expand his mission and beliefs by working with Thought-Leader. Thought-Leader helped Blaine clarify his TEDx idea and allowed him to find patience and trust in the path to TEDx. Blaine has now done two TEDx talks, one virtual and one live!

Alp Bora

Owner of Alp Bora Inc. Mining Consultation

Alp shares his career in the mining industry and his goals and aspirations of helping the industry become more environmentally sustainable.

Erin Sarles

Co-Active Certified Coach, Business Consultant

Increase in clarity and confidence from attending our Application and Talk Writing Intensive

Rachel Webb

Licensed New York Attorney, Devoted Sunday School Teacher

Rachel is a lawyer by trade and a ballerina by night. She has turned the negative attention from bullies in her life into fuel and uses her TEDx talk and Big Idea to spread the idea that thanking your bully takes away their power and allows you to use that energy to grow and change.

Angelo Lumpkin

Angelo Lumpkin TedX experience

Angelo gives insight to experience with the Thought-Leader. He shares his experience with both intensives and talk practices. He also then gives his advice to those thinking about joining the course.

Joie Cheng

Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Certified Publishing Coach, Podcast Host

Joie was a client from 2018 she has landed 2 Tedx Talks shares her personal experience and refers to her friends who had success with us as well!

Lloyd Davis

Life Insurance Agent

Lloyd Davis is a father and husband who experienced the loss of his son and wife in a short timeframe. He struggled with his bereavement and is now an advocate speaking about ways to cope and heal from a loss in life.

Annika Sorensen

Leadership Coach and Speaker

Annika had a hard time staying on track with the process of landing a TEDx talk. As a result of working with us and the utilizing our guidance, she landed 2 TEDx talks

Holli Kenley


Holli had been applying to TEDx events on her own for 6 years without success. Our program helped her hone in her message and utilize a consistent process for submitting her materials to TEDx organizers. She has since landed 2 TEDx talks!

Brooke Roman


Brooke loved the combination of group and individual coaching in our program. The shifts we helped guide her through have translated to the types of clients she attracts, and as a result Thought-Leader has impacted the people she works with!

Kathy Biggs

Motivational Speaker

Kathy most benefited from the structure and guidance provided in our program. She also loves the variety of coaches and the various perspectives they have offered her.

Chelsea Gifford


How Thought-Leader has helped her advance personally and in her career

Damesha Jones

Beauty/Wellness, Speaker

Damesha has utilized the various resources she developed in our program to pitch her idea to various speaking platforms. As a result of working with Thought-Leader, her personal passions have influenced her professional opportunities.

Marcy Pusey

Story Coach, Editor, Publishing Consultant

Marcy is a powerful and authentic story telling coach, editor, and publishing consultant with 19 books published of her own! She helps her clients nail down and synthesis the logical tangible ways to use storytelling to enrich their own messages.

Rosanne Hauck

Single Mom, Business Woman

Rosanne reflects on the incredible community support she’s received through Thought-Leader’s accountability.

Christina Buendia

Teacher, Mom

I love how smooth and easy the process is. Compared to other programs, this is very straightforward! It’s helped me get so much clarity on my message.

Robin Camarote

Leadership Development and Executive Coach

How she has enjoyed the entire TLA process so far!

Ruth Monnig


How she landed a Tedx Talk then found Thought-Leader and found help

Sarah Gardiner

Campaign Coordinator

Sarah shares how working with Thought-Leader helped her nurture her message and create actionable takeaways for the audience. She loved working with the Thought-Leader Team during the Intensives!

Leslie Lucy


Leslie shares her experience with the Thought-Leader Application & Talk Writing Intensives and why everyone needs them!

Will Russell

International Opera Singer

How William used the Thought-Leader structure to perfect and deliver his talk worldwide.

Nicole Bueno

Manager at EY

Nicole chats with our team about her love for how efficient the Thought-Leader process is.

Chantal Robitaille

Transformational coach

Her experience with the TLA process

KIEN VUU Success Story
Kien Vuu

Founder The Live Again Project

Although he had years of experience in health & western medicine, Kien was looking to get his innovative health knowledge out to the world in a powerful way. We helped Kien hone in on his unique idea and structure his talk. Since his TEDx talk has gone live, he’s been invited to speak at numerous conferences around the country to share his expertise.

LUCAS MACK Success Story
Lucas Mack

Founder, Vulnerable Heroes

Lucas set a goal to get on a TEDx stage as he felt compelled to share his message about what we can do to stop child abuse. He achieved that goal in April of 2019 and says the experience was life-changing for himself and for his business. His TEDx talk has over 107,000 views and led to the creation of his Nonprofit (Vulnerable Heroes). The nonprofit has helped him reach many more individuals and move his mission forward to break the cycle of child abuse.

LAURA MATTIA Success Story
Laura Mattia


Laura was already an experienced financial leader and researcher, however, she didn’t know how to get her message out. Laura landed 2 TEDx talks after working with Thought-Leader. She’s been featured on 2 of the top wealth podcasts in the world, was offered to speak at Twitter on Women’s Finance, and was invited to interview with the WSJ. She’s now a global authority in women’s finance.

Matt Balducci

Entrepreneur & BioHacker

Matt dreamed of giving a TEDx talk but was seeking support, focus, and structure. Working with Thought-Leader helped him land 2 TEDx talks. When Matt first started he had no idea how to land a TEDx talk, or how to share his message in an impactful way. He’s a true believer in The Thought-Leader methodology and feels he wouldn’t have been able to knock this off his bucket list without working together.

Mary Jane Claydon


Mary Jane was hesitant to work with us because of the investment, but she believed it would be worth it and moved forward towards the vision. She was chosen by over 151 other applicants to give a TEDx talk because of how she presented herself on her video submission, which she credits to working with us. Her biggest takeaway is the clarity and confidence she has around her message and purpose.

NEHA GUPTA Success Story
Neha Gupta

Founder, College Shortcuts

Neha wasn’t sure if she would be able to land a talk and wasn?t clear on the idea she wanted to talk about. Today, she?s landed two TEDx talks and delivered her talk to over 600 people. Since her TEDx talk has gone live, she?s been featured on CBS, Good Morning San Diego, Newsweek, and

JASON REID Success Story
Jason Reid

CEO, Founder, ChooseLife

Jason was already a successful entrepreneur when he first found us, but he had a new mission burning inside of him after his son took his own life in March of 2018. Jason is now making headway on his mission to end teen suicide by 2030. His TEDx talk has over 100,000 views, he’s producing a full length documentary film to be released in the spring of 2020, and he’s been featured in LA Weekly, Psychology Today, top parenting podcasts and most importantly, saving lives and impacting thousands of people. He just delivered his 2nd TEDx talk, expanding on the mission of his first talk.

Jennifer Kluczkowski

Founder, Mindfresh

As CEO of Mindfresh, Jen was hesitant about how much time it would take to land a TEDx talk and wasn’t sure if her idea was a good fit. Since working together, Jen landed and delivered the perfect TEDx event for her message. Her talk has been reposted on the official website (which receives roughly 30 million website visits per year.)

Frankie Bonilla


As a school teacher and educator, Frankie had lots of ideas he wanted to share but didn’t know where to start. The clarity he received working together led to him landing 4 TEDx talks and he is now a renowned thought leader in reinventing education and empowering youth.

Elsie Moses Hoeg


Elsie knew she had a quality message but wasn’t sure the best way to structure her talk or how to get invited to speak on stage. In working together, Elsie got the clarity she needed to powerfully deliver her idea. As a result of her TEDx talk, a professor at Drake University has updated his course curriculum to include what Elsie shared in her TEDx talk.

MIKE O' KRENT Success Story
Mike O’ Krent

Founder, Stories Alive

Mike already had an established business, however, he wasn’t receiving the credibility and support he wanted to take his mission to the next level. Mike’s TEDx talk is now making waves and he is a global authority in his field.

Mariangela Abeo

Founder, Faces of Fortitude

Mariangela was passionate about her mission of helping families process and deal with the suicide of loved ones. However, she wasn’t getting the traction she wanted and was uncertain what to do. We helped Mariangela crystalize her idea. Since working with us she has already been featured on E! News, and Yahoo, as well as grown her social media by thousands. This was all before her TEDx talk even went live on YouTube! She just delivered her TEDx talk where she received a standing ovation.

ZANDER FRYER Success Story
Zander Fryer

Founder, High Impact Coaching

Zander already had a coaching business that was doing well, however he wanted to take it to the next level and become a global authority in his industry. His TEDx talk has over 40k views and he effortlessly enrolls coaching clients because they know exactly who he is, what he stands for and what his company values are.

Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Coach, Facilitator

Kyla was a coach and speaker who wanted to get paid to speak but didn’t know how to start and was hesitant about investing in herself. After working together, she’s landed three TEDx talks, booked her first paid speaking gig for $3,000, and been invited on TV and multiple podcasts.

Business Accelerator

Nicole Petschek


She was comparing herself to other BA client’s success, she felt like the turtle in the race, but then with the encouragement and wisdom from Phi and Dillon she broke through the glass ceiling and booked her two highest paying clients! She said, ‘even turtles cross the finish line.’
Arthur Freeman

Spiritual Mentor

His experience with BA and how he was able to level up.
Joel Salomon

Master Prosperity Coach

Watch this whole testimonial! How Joel generated $75,000 in new revenue in 2 months! FTDI (Follow The Damn Instructions).
Colin McGovern


Colin has been able to hone in and get so much clarity around building the foundations of who he serves, how he serves them, and why.
Darryl Meghan Goetz

Life Embodiment Coach

Darryl works with hard-town professions that have challenges actualizing their visions. She had all the tools, the drive, but was seeking the clarity, consistency, and community to expand her business!
Cheryl Evans

Business Rev Ops Consulting

Cheryl is a rev ops business consulting that has carved her own path to partner together with business to help them grow their revenue. She was able to leverage the Business Accelerator community and resources to expand on what she already knew.
Eva Vecchio

Creativity Coach

Eva helps artists find their creativity and fulfill in crafting and executing their vision. She found courage in her sharing her gifts that helped her to launch her program.
Alleah Friedrichs

Law of Attraction and Manifestation Coach

Alleah had been trying to scale her business for over 18 months but felt stuck in creating repeatable business. Since joining BA & IC, she’s consistently bringing in between $25-40,000 in monthly revenue following the strategies laid out in our programs.

Keya Murthy

Spiritual Life Coach

Keya went from coaching without a system to generating consistent revenue with clients that she enjoys working with.
Mackenzie Hawkins

Positive Intelligence Mindset Coach

Mackenzie was able to get full clarity on her offer and closed 100% of the calls she made in her first month, while increasing the cost of her program!

Casey Joy

Love Coach

Casey came into the program with TOO MANY ideas for her business, but found clarity on what to focus on and the order to focus on them. She landed her first 6 clients in less than one month.

Ann Meschelle

The Family Warrior (coach)

Ann needed clarity around having a successful business as a family coach. She wanted to have support and loved the family environment in the BA.

Sherry McLaughlin

MSPT, Founder of Michigan Institute for Human Performance (MIHP)

Sherry has been a teacher for over 20 years but needed help with transforming her organizing to leverage a high ticket consulting fee. She also learned how to sell & market herself through the BA system.

Janine Gates

Freedom & Career Coach

BA has supported Janine to get clarity and direction which has helped her garner engagement. She has also built her confidence in her self and sales.

Bronwyn Morrissey

Executive Coach and keynote speaker empowering women and organizations

Bronwyn came into Business Accelerator ready to show the world she has what it takes to coach high powered women in the workplace. BA showed her how to get her message out there effectively and teach others how to do the same. Bronwyn has had multiple $20k+ months since starting Business Accelerator and a consistent community to work with on the mindset needed to grow a business.

Kelly Fisher

Stress & Anxiety Coach for Entrepreneurs

Kelly had been in private practice for over 20 years and needed help creating a high-ticket offer and simplifying his offer. By learning the BA process, posting on tik tok, and following the sales conversation, he saw results!

Laurin Mooney

Founder of Speaking In

Laurin joined BA because she needed a system to help her build out her business.

Sydel Howell

Catalyst Coach

Sydel mastered her craft in sales through creating the pain & pleasure gap. She has a 66% closing rate and also increased her price from 1200 to 5000.

Audra Rutnik

Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Parent Coach

Audra went back and forth on making the decision on whether or not to join Business Accelerator. She finally took the leap and looked at the program as investing in her own education the way she would for her kids to go to college. She’s an Occupational Therapist that specializes in working with kids with cognitive and mental development challenges. She wanted to get her word out to parents struggling to raise their kids but didn’t know how to market or sell herself. Since joining BA 50 days ago she’s honed in her avatar to help with social media content and had a reel gain 2M views that led to signing up a client from Australia that she had never met before.

Anita Reirerstad

Alternative Women’s Health Coach

Anita only had referral business and needed help to build a high-ticket offer. She wanted to build a foundation in her business and charge a higher price.

Joseph Illidge

CEO of ILLUMINOUS, Editorial Director, Writer, Thought Leader

Joseph works with aspiring authors and screenplay writers on how to make a graphic novel to grab the marketing attention needed to get your name out there. He struggled finding the right leads to be able to pay for his services AND structuring his offer to give a clear cut outcome to his clients that was enticing and totally possible with his teaching. He landed his first $20,000 client less than 3 months into joining Business Accelerator.

Kelly Collins

Transformation Guide

Kelly has published a book and wanted to do a TEDx talk to promote it, but realized that she had an opportunity to build an offer first before delivering her message!
Jacia Kornwise

Embodied Soul Coach, Conscious Dance Facilitator, Breathwork Facilitator, Speaker, Shadow Coach

Jacia wanted to learn how to sell her business at higher price point. In 2 weeks made over $12,000.

Ro Groh

Enrollment Advisor for Cut Class

With BA we helped cut class grow their business exponentially

Yvonne Bridges

Speaker. Author (You ARE Relevant). Facilitator. Coach. Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (DEI) Expert. Team Builder.

Yvonne has went from “I’d just like some clients” to over $125,000 in revenue generated in less than one year since joining Business Accelerator and Inner Circle.

Dr. Mollie

Mollie M. Monahan, Ph.D. Writer, Trainer, Consultant, Coach Founder, Social Justice Kids

Before working in Business Accelerator, Dr. Mollie struggled to find leads and walk them through a consultative sales approach in order to help schools teach diversity and social justice properly. Since working with Thought Leader’s Business Accelerator program Mollie has created an organic lead generation machine through speaking and social media and knows the power of her offer enough to charge $5,000 and more. She has made over $100,000 in one year since working in Business Accelerator.
Joel Salomon

Prosperity Coach

Joel Salomon came into the Business Accelerator program with a low ticket monthly subscription and minimal lead flow. In BA he was able to transform his offer to charge more than double what he had previously been charging and sell to his clients in a consultative way – helping them solve their challenges with his offer. Joel generated over $70,000 in revenue in just 3 months of starting BA.

John Mylant

High Impact Executive Life Coach

John has generated $24,000 in 28 days. He’s followed our process exactly as we have outlined. Before business Accelerator he was stuck at a glass ceiling that has now been blasted open to unlimited possibilities.

Erin Johnson

Women’s Leadership Coach

She struggled with getting clients and needed sales, support, and structure to help.

Sudhir Chadalava

Executive Coach – Servant Leadership

Sudhir joined Business Accelerator to begin selling his Servant Leadership program for growth minded CEOs. Coming into the program he wrestled with how to pitch what he does to potential clients and through the BA program he began realizing the most success comes when we take time to listen for what the client needs first before providing his solution.

Tom Cox

Founder -Executive Career Accelerator

Tom went from managing multi billion dollar sales teams, to beating cancer, to leaving his job so he could take on his passion full time thanks to what he learned in Business Accelerator. The BA program took him from blank canvas to landing his first two sales calls in only a few months.

Linda Patten

Leadership | International Speaker, Bestselling Author & Leadership Trainer/Mentor

Her experience with working on the Business Accelerator

Dr. Leslie Kasanoff


How she has found success in the Business Accelerator course.

Julia Matseshe

Executive Director/CEO

Breaking the hurdle of charging a high-ticket offer!

Nigel Ramberansingh

Director (IPSL) CEO (CBR Holdings) at Industrial Plant Services Limited

Nigel Ramberansingh comes from a background of business ownership in his family and used that skill and experience to start his own real estate company. His talk pushes people to look at the true depth and value of human connection at its deepest roots.

Leslie Levito

Entrepreneur, Coach

Leslie has participated in a variety of Thought-Leader programs, and most recently benefited from Taylor’s sales training in the Business Accelerator. His way of being really resonates with Leslie because he understands the source of the sales process.

Highly Paid Speaker

Summer Jean

Integrative Psychotherapist – Owner of Agami Karma Therapy

Summer is a member of HPS, BA and TLA. She recently landed her first sale and has grown tremendously with the support of the Thought-Leader Team.
Terence Dixon

Emotional Trauma Health Coach & Speaker

A short breakdown of this HPS along the journey testimonial video. Terence is still working through HPS, but this is a bit of his experience with the team so far!
What he has learned in HPS has provided him with the tools to even know how and where to start with paid speaking. The HPS team has helped him to develop his bio, speaker kit, “why me” video and other tools that he will use when connecting with meeting planners. Terence shares that there isn’t a program that exists like this where you can take a course as well as have the 1:1 and group support that HPS provides.
Carl Foster

Speaker & Professional Speaking Coach

Carl walks through his thoughts about the program and how training/coaching calls alone have been worth the full price of the program!
Amy Armstrong

Compelling Keynote Speaker & Coach

Amy shares about her ability to lean in and focus on her message instead of worrying about what to do with it, because of the confidence HPS and the coaches have given her.

Daniel Robosky

Veteran | Educator | Speaker | Entrepreneur

In this video Daniel shares about being a client with us for around 60 days and how in that time he has landed a paid speaking gig plus travel and his own radio show. He thanks the team for his success.

Katherine Lizardo

Global Keynote Speaker

Katherine has been able to utilize not just the content around landing stages, within HPS, but has been able to use the talk delivery training skills to prepare for an upcoming event. She found the skills and tools extremely straightforward and practical.

Daniel Robosky

Veteran – Educator – Speaker – Entrepreneur

HPS and Brittany have been amazing with putting together all of the pieces and building his assets and getting him to a place where he can now confidently pitch himself to events. He knows this is going to pay out 10 fold!

Nicole Wilhelm

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist

Before Thought-Leader, Nicole was stuck only speaking in the Real Estate arena. Now, she’s stepped into her personal Thought-Leadership and speaks about topics she’s most passionate about, like mental health advocacy.

Kijuan Amey

Public Speaker

His experience and growth through PSB

Pitch Day

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

Holistic Physician & Acupuncturist

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Andrea Pope

Life Coach

Andrea speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Rebecca Bitton

Brand Consultant & Business Owner

Rebecca speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Auria Fuentes

Customer Service Trainer

Auria speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Katie Connolly

Somatic Parenting Guide, Teacher and Speaker

Katie speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Nalini Om

Yoga Teacher

Nalini speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Carmen Theobald

Founder, Director & Lead Facilitator

Carmen speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Michelle Andrie

Yoga Therapist

Michelle speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Colleen Reilly

Professional Speaker

Colleen speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Dr. Richard Hume

Primary Healthcare Physician

Dr. Richard Hume speaks about his experience with our Pitch Day program.

Joe Rivera

Business Coach

Joe speaks about his experience with our Pitch Day program.

Dr. Paula C. Perez

Author | Coach | Educator | Adjunct Lecturer

Dr. Paula Perez speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

Maria Ross

Speaker, Author, Facilitator

Maria speaks about her experience with our Pitch Day program.

David Klinkenberg

Author, Violinist

David speaks about his experience with our Pitch Day program.

Jenifer Joy


Come along with Jenifer Joy as she explores the in’s and out’s of Pitchday!

Dr. Julie Radlauer-Doerfler

Speaker| Author| Educator | Activist| Purpose-Builder

Julie does coaching and training and used to feel overwhelmed by it all. With Thought-Leader, she learned about a lot of tools and got support from the team. Also, she got ongoing feedback from the team which added a lot to her confidence and skills in managing clean processes.
Linn McKeown

Coach and speaker

Linn started to heal herself and found a way to help other people. She had huge support from the Thought-Leader team whenever she needed it. Since working with Thought-Leader, she has landed a few speaking opportunities!
Jacquelyn Rodriguez

The Clean Beauty Biz Coach I Salon Business Coach I Certified Master Neuro-Coach I Energy Healer I Holistic & Sustainable Salon Owner I Speaker

Jacquelyn learned how to handle her stress during pitching. The training and structure taught her how to be herself, and not just like everyone else. Julie got a few bookings to a podcast and speak on stage. Also, she learned the importance of catching her target audience and the importance of knowing it.
Leslie Levito

Business & Success Coach | Brand & Business Strategist | Speaker | UGC Creator | Co-founder Cutclass & Brands Etcetera

Leslie is in the process of learning things that make her really happy, not what society needs from her. Thought-Leader brought her on the path in the right direction. Leslie was happy to see different varieties and topics to share.
Dr. Bobby Glass

College professor, Speaker, Coach

Bobby learned a lot about the audience and tone of voice, and why it is important. Thought-Leader taught her how it is important to have your own voice in the world if you want to help others.

Reinhard Klett

Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker

With Thought-Leader’s Pitch Day program, Reinhard learned to pay attention to details and not focus on the ego. Now he gets to focus on having fun during the process!

Eric Mikkelsen

Speaker, Trainer, Soul Sensei | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Wellbeing Expert

Thought-Leader’s Pitch Day program taught Eric how awareness can make a difference. Eric went through a big transformation during Pitch Day and had lots of fun practicing and learning.
Janet Harvey

CEO of inviteCHANGE

Thought-Leader’s Pitch Day program helped Janet get invaluable feedback for her talk by putting herself in front of professional speaker bookers & influential decision makers.

Tanja Diamond

Autistic Maverick leader, Business and Life Strategist

Thought-Leader’s Pitch Day program gave Tanja a format to create a formulaic talk that she can use over and over again in many different formats. The feedback she received from the speaker bookers gave her the confidence to continue leaning in to her authentic voice!

Inner Circle

Andrea Marcellus

Fitness Coach and Author

Andrea is a fitness coach who was struggling for years before joining the Business Accelerator and the Inner Circle. Within the first 4 months, Andrea had generated over $150,000 in sales revenue from her business and is continuing to scale every day providing an amazing service to her clients.
Leslie Levito

Entrepreneur and Coach

Leslie and her team run a coaching business which was doing about $6,000 per month upon joining Business Accelerator and the Inner Circle. After one month, Leslie had over tripled her sales revenue to $20,000 and in less than one year Leslie had reached her first $100,000 month in sales revenue.

The Thought Leader Talks

Corinna Fales

Refreshing Speaker on Diversity & Race: Writer/Editor/Owner, Corinna Fales Consulting)

Corinna talks about enrolling in Pitch Day and then appreciates TLT and Elayna 😉 .

Dr. Liz Bataille

Multi-international Best-Selling Author and Founder/Medical Director at ARISE! Mind, Body, Spirit Healing Institute

Liz talks about Pitch Day and describes the program and about being selected for Thought Leader Talks and the training she received. Following Taylor for many years and getting her first speaking experience.

Katherine Lizardo

Esq., the ADHD Mom, founder of ADHD Life Simplified

Katherine talks about speaking at Thought Leader Talks because she is part of HPS and also mentions TLA.

Maria Lentzou

Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist and founder of Authentic Movement SF

Mentions TLA and the Pitch Day, where she was selected to Thought Leader Talks and the support received.

Yarona Boster

TEDx Speaker, Podcaster, and Certified Life Coach

She talked about the unique opportunity of learning and participating as a speaker.

Judy Nelson

Judi Nelson, Cannabis Farmer, Climate Activist, and Wholistic Physical Therapist

She talks about the support received and how it’s made her confident about putting herself out there and sharing her message out. She recommends it to anyone who wants to be a public speaker.

Dr. Julie Radlauer-Doerfler

LMHC, Leading expert in social connection and social support

She thanks TL for the opportunity to share her story and praises the experience and training.

Stephanie Shaffer

Author and self-proclaimed Encourager of the Human Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Encouraging people to join TL and work with coaches and expressing gratitude.

Linn McKeown

Counseling healing professional for over 35 years

Encouraging people to join TL and the coaches and the training.

Reinhard Klett

Seasoned coach helping business leaders to maintain well-being, happy relationships

He praises the coaching and the programs.

Robert L. Gatis

Naturopathic Doctor and a Fellow in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine

Talks about the experience of the event and the coaching.

Mariah & Byron Edgington

Retired ER, Critical Care, and Flight Nurse. Authors and Experts in Neurodiversity

Encouraging others to join TL programs.
Ahaumna Ahmayah

Intuitive Business Oracle | Professional Speaker | Spiritual Mentor

Ahaumna is describing her experience with Thought Leader Talks, which is a platform she spoke at because of her participation on the Pitch Day Program.

Leslie Levito

Business & Success Coach | Brand & Business Strategist | Speaker

In this video, Leslie describes her experience with Thought Leader Talks, an opportunity she received from participating in the Pitch Day Program.

Terri Lonowski

Founder of Soulful Listening®️, TEDx Speaker, 🎤 Keynote Speaker

In this video, Terri shares her thoughts about participating in Thought Leader Talks, a stage she landed by participating in the Pitch Day program.

Jacquie Chandler

Speaker, Writer, Sensei – Founder of Sustain Tahoe

Jacquie describes her experience with Thought Leader.

Amy Cross

Grocery Expert, Blogger, TED Talk Speaker, and Course Creator. Author of ‘I Bought It, Now What?’ eBook Series

She is describing her experience with Thought Leader Talks, which is a platform she spoke at because of her participation on the Pitch Day Program.

Kimberly Parry

Professional Speaker, Authentic Alignment Coach and Life Stylist

She is describing her experience with Thought Leader Talks, which is a platform she spoke at because of her participation on the Pitch Day Program.

Jacquelyn Rodriguez

The Clean Beauty Biz Coach I Salon Business Coach I Certified Master Neuro-Coach I Energy Healer

Jacquelyn talks about her experience with Thought Leader Talks – a speaking engagement she got from the Pitch Day Program.

Mary Ottman

The Blind Spot Detective | Paid Professional Speaker and TEDx Speaker

This video is from a Pitch Day client who landed a Thought Leader Talks speaking contract.

Mariah & Byron Edgington

TEDx Speakers • Keynote Speakers on Neurodivergence, DEI, and Neurodivergent / Neurotypical Communication

Mariah and Byron talk about their experience with Thought Leader Talks – a speaking engagement they got from the Pitch Day Program.

The Thought Leader Podcast

Amy Armstrong

Founder and Director of The Center for Family Resolution

Sharing a testimonial of Thought Leader after podcast interview.

Colette Peterson

The Fidelity Fairy-Godmother!

Sharing a testimonial of Thought Leader after podcast interview.

Julie McNamara

Fierce advocate for finding happiness and positivity

Sharing a testimonial of Thought Leader after podcast interview.

Melina Roberts

Naturopathic Doctor | Founder of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre | Author | TEDx Speaker

Sharing a testimonial of Thought Leader after podcast interview.

Corinna Stoeffl

Author, Coach, Speaker and Owner of Being in Awareness

Sharing a testimonial of Thought Leader after podcast interview.

Peggy O’Neal

Coachguide | Public Speaker | Virtual Speaker | Facilitator

Sharing a testimonial of Thought Leader after podcast interview.

TLA White Glove

Laura Casselman


Laura reflects on her application development process during the TLA White Glove experience. She especially appreciated the guidance, clarity, and structure we provide.
Sugata Biswas

Speaker, and Founder at Cadence Communications & Research

Sugata reflects on his experience in the TLA White Glove Program. He appreciated the support around identifying the origin story of his idea, and leaving the audience with a tangible call to action.
Haley McClain Hill


Haley McClain Hill is a TLA White Glove client who worked with our team to develop her TEDx idea. She already had interest from a specific TEDx event so we worked to refine her message and frame her story so it would best align with the event branding.
Public Speaker Training