Speech Writing Training Tailored for TEDx-Style Talks

Our speech writing training offered within our speaker coaching programs gives you access to the tools needed to write any TEDx-style or keynote talk. Whether you want to become a keynote speaker or company presenter, we can teach you the ABCs of writing a persuasive speech that resonates with individuals for years to come.
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Experts on Speech Writing for TED Talk Style Formats

Have you ever thought about writing a speech, but haven’t been sure where to begin? Some individuals struggle to get their thoughts on paper, while others find it challenging to compress multiple ideas into one topic. Whichever case, we can help!

Our Thought-Leader Accelerator courses include professional speech writing services that enable you to draft a talk worthy of the TEDx stage. We do this by helping you understand the intention of your talk and breaking that intention into effective speech writing sections. In addition, you’ll learn which stories are best to share with your audience, where to add emotions in your speech, how to transition between sections, and more.

Because some of our experts have experience coaching, giving, and landing TED talks themselves, you can rest assured your speech is in the right hands. Take your speech writing to the next level by following our proven path to success.

A Structured Professional Learning Path

Get the speech writing help you need by accessing either our Thought-Leader Accelerator course or our Paid Speaker Accelerator. Our programs offer access to speech writing training modules so you can learn everything you need to know about writing a persuasive speech.

Whether you’re looking to build your webinar workshop portfolio or become a professional speaker, our 7-part talk structure teaches you the elements of effective speech writing so you can become the communicator of your dreams.


This is where we teach you how to draw your audience in so they’re committed to watching your speech.

Up Story

Learn how to choose the right story for your speech, so your viewers forget they are watching a professional talk and feel connected to you as a person.

Down Story

Identify how you can shock your audience through elements of dynamic contrast.


Transition out of your stories to your → main point for giving a talk.

Main Point

Uncover your big takeaway, and establish your reason for giving a speech.

Audience Impact/Vision

Discover how you can connect with your audience and create a call to action or a vision of the future.


Establish how your ending can integrate what you’ve told your audience into their personal lives.

Achieve More With Our Speech Writing Workshop

From storytelling and data to call-to-actions and memorization tips, we unify speech writing and public speaking into comprehensive training. Both our Thought-Leader Accelerator and our Paid Speaker Accelerator offer online courses that include sections specific to writing a powerful talk. Take everything you learned inside of our speech writing training course modules and apply it to our 2-day Talk Writing Intensive.
This type of speech writing workshop gives you access to teams of peers and Ted-style coaches that can help you structure your talk for any TEDx or keynote stage. Our unique workshop uses the following elements to teach you how to write an inspirational speech that leaves an impact for generations to come:


    We hold space for you to get out of your head so you can get into your heart


    Learn how to bring your ideas into a cohesive, poetic order.


    We can’t infuse the essence of you into a talk. That is up to you. But we can challenge you to show up and uncover your authentic self.

    Our goal is for you to leave our speech writing class with a written outline or draft you can use to practice your talk.

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    Is This Speech Writing Course for You?

    Are you an aspiring speaker or entrepreneur looking for a talk structure you can use throughout your career? If so, the speech writing course modules within our Accelerator programs are for you:


    Take your brand or business to the next level with speech writing tips and coaching training.


    Establish yourself in the professional speaking space by simultaneously building your audience and your career.


    Craft a message that resonates with individuals like never before

    Why Choose Thought-Leader?

    At Thought-Leader, our goal is to help you clarify your story and spread your message to millions. We do this by helping individuals like yourself strategize their talk structure and land speaking gigs on the world’s most prominent stages. Whether you’re watching our course modules or working with our dedicated team of speaker coaches, our approach to speech writing helps you maximize your potential and reach your goals.

    Our journey allows you to hear from current and former TEDx speakers who have talks with thousands and millions of views. So ensure your choice is the right one and take the plunge towards the career of your dreams today.

    Our Success Stories Speak for Us

    Our clients rave about our exclusive speech writing services, often crediting Thought-Leader for their success as authors, professional speakers, and business presenters. Many individuals we’ve worked with have become 2x TEDx speakers, New York Times Best Sellers, and more. Here’s what they have to say about how we helped them improve their speech writing skills and reach their goals:
    Robin Phillips
    It’s reassuring that the changes we made to my speech might have put it back on track! I appreciate you going outside your purview to review it. I was perplexed about how I coil make it work. I can see a clear path, and grateful for your help.

    – Robin Phillips

    Speech Writing Resources

    We have various resources and tools for all your speech-writing needs. Check out our handy articles, checklists, guides, and more to learn more about how we can help you on your journey.

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