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How You Play Wordle Says A Lot About Your Prominent Public Speaking Skills

How you play wordle says a lot about your public speaking skills in ways you may not expect. Created by the software engineer Josh Wardle and owned by the New York Times, millions play the game.

This online word game is more than just a way to pass the time. You can learn a lot as you work to discover the word of the day. Wordle is a metaphor for life. Before we get into how this game can reveal your speaking skills, let’s first do a recap of what Wordle is and go from there.

If you’re new to this online game, you might be asking yourself one or all of the following questions:

  • What Is Wordle, And How Do You Play?
  • What Makes A Person Good At Wordle?
  • How Else Does Computational Linguistics Impact Our Lives?

To answer these questions, let’s start with a discussion of Worlde and move on to how it can impact your career.

What Is Wordle, And How Do You Play?

Wordle is an online word game. The game refreshes every twenty-four hours, so if you don’t win within the allotted time, your progress disappears, and you start over.

To play, each player must guess a five-letter word—the day’s word. If you don’t come up with the correct final answer by your sixth guess, Wordle wins. Likewise, if you can’t guess the word in one day, Wordle wins.

Like most games, there are various strategies you can take to try and win. For example, some players prefer to guess the word in the fewest number of guesses. Other people try to go quickly, using as many guesses as necessary to guess the word in the least amount of time.

More than just getting to the final word, however, your Wordle strategy says a lot about you, your brain, and your speaking ability.

What Makes A Person Good At Wordle?

To be good at this word game, it’s essential to keep all the rules in the forefront of your mind:

  • There can be repeating letters in the word of the day
  • Green letters are in the proper location
  • Yellow letters are in the word but in the wrong place
  • Grey letters are not part of the word

To deepen your strategy, refuse to play it safe. Instead, take risks and chances, and play boldly. You’ll likely do well if you are great at speaking English, and a strong vocabulary is second-nature.

  • To deepen your strategy, refuse to play it safe. Instead, take risks and chances, and play boldly.

But being good at Wordle is worth more than a way to compete with your friends. It’s not just a game but a way to engage your brain in a specific way daily. Worlde points out vocabulary, spelling ability, and your tendency to think out of the box.

Play A Game With Your Brain

Play A Game With Your Brain
It’s a massive understatement to say that your brain is essential to becoming a prominent public speaker. That said, there are ways to develop your brain and grow in different capacities where you may not be as strong. Wordle is one such way.
When you play Wordle, you engage your frontal lobe, the part of your brain for thinking. So rather than turning on a movie and zoning out or playing a video game for an hour or two, Wordle lets you participate in something fun while also using your brain.

The more you develop your thinking skills, the stronger your speaking ability becomes. Crafting a talk and professional delivery starts with your thought processing. The quicker you can think through various ways to work with what you have and find a solution, the more adept you will be.

What Wordle Says About Your Public Speaking Skills

More than simply defining your vocabulary, you can use Wordle as a quick assessment of your speaking skills in three different ways. These aspects focus on language, empathy, and your ability to think outside the pre-existing way.

If you ever sat through a keynote speech and thought, “I’ve heard this delivery method so many times,” you likely appreciate out-of-the-box thinking. There are several ways Wordle can grow this type of processing.

Define Your Grasp of Language

First, Wordle helps you see how well you understand language. Of course, the better handle you have on your language skills, and the quicker you are on your feet, the greater you will be at this online game and onstage.

For instance, if the word of the day is DUCAT and you are familiar with the former currency of European countries, you’re in for a day’s winner. However, if you don’t make a habit of reading difficult books or educating yourself in other ways, you may struggle.

Wordle helps define your grasp of the language in a fun way, allowing you to compete with yourself and your knowledge base.

Consider Another’s Perspective

A second way Wordle speaks to your public speaking skills is by showing you, via a fun game, how good you are at considering others and their perspectives. For instance, let’s say you are gluten-free and haven’t had a traditional pizza in years. However, the word of the day is PIZZA. Pizza is, understandably, the furthest food from your mind (not to mention a difficult word to guess). But Wordle isn’t about your preferences or diet but the word of the day.

The better you consider others’ perspectives, the more robust speaker you will be. Engaging with an audience whose viewpoint you do not consider is challenging. Wordle helps reveal your level of empathy.

Play A Game With Your Brain

Think Outside The Box

Play A Game With Your Brain
Like the word DUCAT that you probably do not think about regularly, Wordle shows just how well you think outside the box. When it comes to public speaking, it’s imperative to use good analogies that resonate with those you speak to.

Thinking outside the box is one way to do so. While the topic of your speech is crucial to your success, one great example can take it to the next level. When you think outside your daily life, likes, and dislikes, you allow yourself the privilege to think outside the box.

Audiences remember that one standout analogy, how you chose to say something (your paraverbals), and how you made them feel at the end of your speech. Refuse to follow the same standard everyone else does and instead be creative.

Bonus Tip:

Public speakers often engage in question-and-answer sessions. Especially in a large audience, you may not anticipate the questions you receive. Wordle can help prepare you by teaching you:

  • How to work with the knowledge base you have
  • Empathize with the person on the other side
  • Find a solution that uses what’s in front of you

The faster you can think on your feet, the more efficiently and smoothly your Q&As will run.

how you play wordle improves public speaking skills

How Else Do Linguistics Impact Our Lives

Communicating with words is a powerful form of connection. Speaking with, to, or even for others can impact individuals on a massive scale. You may not realize just how much a particular point of your speech connected with an audience member, but language is powerful.

The Power Of Language

Language is one of many forms of communication. The better grasp you have on your country’s language or the language of the people you speak to, the stronger a connection you can make.

How you present your speech depends on how you use language to help you do so. You can share your personal story, but the specific vocabulary you use dramatically impacts your audience’s reception of your story.

Take Language To The World’s Biggest Stage

language and tedx

Because language is so powerful, sharing your speech on the TEDx stage heightens your impact. The more people you can reach, the more lives you can change. Writing a speech you want the world to hear is crucial.

When you feel proud of your content, you can confidently step on stages of various types and sizes, speak to diverse audiences, and know your message is creating positive change. The stage amplifies the power of language.

Use Speech To Connect With Your Audience On A Large Scale

Communicating well involves using various aspects all at once. A text message is devoid of body language, and your memoir lacks inflection. However, taking your message to the stage combines multiple aspects of speech under one roof:

  • Inflection
  • Tone Of Voice
  • Body Language
  • Speed Of Delivery

Each of these points influences how your message is received. Connecting with your audience on a large scale also helps individuals receive your message the way you intend it to be. For instance, if you speak one-on-one with one hundred individuals, the chances are high that there will be one hundred interpretations of your talk.

However, when everyone is in one room listening to you, audience members can hear the same content and discuss their different takes on what you said. This helps avoid discrepancies and heightens the odds that individuals hear what you meant to communicate.

How Free Wordle Helps You Take Your Story To The Masses

The more exposure you give yourself to language and different ways of thinking about words, the stronger your grasp becomes. Some of the best orators have the most significant vocabulary. However, they also know when to use their knowledge.

Wordle helps you take your story to large audiences and connect because in a simple, paired-down way, it reveals what words are top-of-mind and which ones aren’t. When speaking to a large audience, a range of rhetoric can draw in individuals from many walks of life.

Bonus Tip


that using difficult words throughout your speech will likely result in listeners zoning out. So instead, use Wordle to equip yourself with one or two meaningful new words and keep the rest of your talk listener-friendly.
When you play Wordle regularly, you engage your frontal lobe, learn to think outside the box and practice empathy with the creator on the other side of the screen. Who knows what word of the day will be and why? Putting yourself in another’s headspace helps you play a simple game better and connect with your audiences in a transformative way.


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