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How to Go Viral: 3 Ways Giving A Heartfelt TED Talk Can Help

If you are a thought leader, the chances are high that you want to gain some type of media influence regardless of your field. So whether you are featured in media on TV or secure a social media feature with an influencer or large company, networking is crucial to your success as a leader.

Of course, true thought leaders understand that how to go viral does not usually come down to a single blog post or email newsletter. However, when you create content that truly resonates with your target audience, you are on your way to influence.

how to go viral with TEDx

What Is A TED Talk?

TED Talks are a hidden gem and part of a well-crafted thought leadership strategy. Giving a talk on the TED or TEDx platform can result in extended media coverage you did not expect. There are several specific ways public speaking can heighten your chances of going viral. If you’ve ever wonderd how to go viral, simply keep reading.

What Is A Viral TED Talk?

Eli Nash was a successful entrepreneur, but he wanted to share his struggles and lessons about the controversial issues of sex and porn addiction. Thought-Leader helped him get clear on his idea and mission. His TEDx talk now has over four million views and has led to praise and a partnership with two-time NBA champion, Lamar Odon, as well as landing top podcasts and media. While Eli didn’t know how to go viral, he did know the power of the TEDx stage and he has now influenced millions.

Media Feature, Defined:

Before diving into the details, it’s essential to discuss a few points to provide clarity and a proper structure for the details to come.
What is a media feature?

What is a media feature?

How has it changed over the years?

How has it changed over the years?

How can thought leaders get featured?

How can thought leaders get featured?

Knowing the answers to these questions is the first step toward implementation—the way to going viral.
what is a viral media feature

What Is A Media Feature?

A media feature is when a media form focuses on you, your story, and your project. For instance, if you publish a book, it hits the New York Times list, and a TV station asks for an interview, this is a media feature. Media features can also take the form of guest posts, social media, and podcasts.
how media features have changed over time

How Have Media Features Changed Over The Years?

That said, obtaining a feature has changed as different forms of media come into. Instead of a radio or TV feature being the only format of marketing, now social platforms such as TikTok are taking the world by storm. TV interviews can be cut into 15-second moments, Instagram reels, or short YouTube videos and shared millions of times. The promotional aspect of media features is astronomical.
how media features have changed over time

How Can Thought Leaders Be Featured?

If you are a thought leader and want to be featured, you may be closer than you think. This possibility is due in part because specific industries focus more on credibility than creativity. If you are a thought leader, it’s likely that audiences already view you as credible.

For example, if you are a doctor who regularly publishes your research in medical journals, you are likely already known as a thought leader due to your credibility. This credibility will aid you as you work toward a media feature because those in your field already respect you.

How Giving A TED Talk Can Help You Go Viral

Now that media features are defined, let’s get into the specifics of how giving your TED Talk can help you go viral and up your chances to be the viral TED Talk 2022. The key word to remember as we walk through the following three steps is: Heartfelt. Almost anyone can give a talk, but it takes genuine passion for your topic for you to garner a positive reception.

Whether you work with small businesses or large business owners, creating thought leadership content you can take to the stage is a big step in the right direction. Let’s start with how landing a TEDx talk can help you publish a bestselling book.

1. Help You Become A New York Times Best Seller

Cynthia thurlow tedx talk best seller

Thought-Leader client, Cynthia Thurlow 

When you give a TEDx talk, you have the opportunity to use your presentation in different media outlets. The variety of your content marketing helps get more eyes on your work. The more press coverage you gain, the more people will notice the unique point of view you bring to the stage.

It’s impossible to discern when a talk will go viral, but the more views you rack up, the higher probability that publishers or literary agents might see your talk and ask you to consider writing a book.

There are two main ways to garner the interest of major publications:

  • Leverage your talk to create platform
  • Write a book after your presentation

Let’s briefly break this down.

Leverage Your Talk To Create Platform

You can leverage your talk to create a viable platform if you want to pitch a book. Now more than ever, publishers are interested in a term called “platform.” Social media followers, speaking engagements, and newsletter subscribers are part of your platform.

Once you give a successful TEDx Talk, you actively build your platform. Since TED is a reputable organization with the potential to help you go viral, by simply giving a TEDx Talk, you can arouse the interest of publishers.

Write A Book After Your Presentation

After giving your talk, you can expand your stage minutes into a book. If you have already spent so much time outlining, drafting, and editing your talk, you probably firmly believe in the necessity of your topic.

Due to your passion and belief in your talk, you can go deeper and flesh out many aspects, chapter by chapter. Once you write a book, your TEDx Talk will have even more years. This platform can help boost sales and perhaps even enable you to hit a bestseller list. For example, Kevin Breel gave a talk on depression, and today he is a New York Times bestselling author.

2. Millions Of Youtube Views Gets You Noticed

Eli Nash presented his TEDx Talk in Fort Wayne. Little did he know his presentation would gain over 4 million views on YouTube. While he may not have ever assumed the term “thought leader” would apply to him, presenting his heartfelt talk opened opportunities he may never have pursued otherwise.

YouTube is in a sense, a type of free press release that enables speakers to grow their views simply by posting their talk. For example, when you give a TEDx Talk, your presentation is shared on YouTube, and the views can start rolling in.

Of course, it’s vital to give the best impression possible so when those views grow you put your best foot forward. Mastering your communication style, crafting your talk point by point, and even choosing what to wear are critical steps in the process.

While these may seem like small steps, every choice you make can be utilized to share your message in the best way possible. What works for someone else may not work for you. Speaking style is subjective, but viewers know when someone truly means what they say. Take the time necessary to hone your talk so viewers will want to watch, share, and rewatch your talk.

3. Get Featured Across The Media

Cynthia Thurlow was an experienced Health and Wellness Coach and a Nurse Practitioner. Despite her influence on her community, Cynthia was passionate about taking her knowledge and sharing it globally.

Teaming up with Thought Leader was her next step in this process. Today, Cynthia’s TEDx talk has over 11 million views. Not just YouTube grew, but her social media and email list exploded into the tens of thousands.

Her schedule filled to the point where she had to turn down clients, and press, podcasts, and media pitched her, one of which is Entreprenuer.com. As a result, Cynthia is now one of the world’s top leaders in her industry and becoming a household name in the health and wellness space.

Once giving her TED Talk, The Today Show featured her and many other shows. Her commitment to excellence and forward-thinking, paired with her teamwork and message, helped her gain features across multiple media outlets. TEDx was the hidden key to opening up the floodgates to her platform.

Implementation: 1 Way To Improve Your TED Talk Strategy Today

Never underestimate the power of the stage or connecting with your audience through verbal communication. Speaking via TED Talks 2022 is a fantastic way to share your story because it combines two forms of communication into one presentation: verbal and nonverbal.

Additionally, public speaking helps give you the platform to eventually share your message as a literal story—your book. So regardless of whether you hope to become a New York Times bestseller, go viral on YouTube, or get views across other media sources, TEDx can help you start this journey.

However, there is one step that can drastically help you improve your TED Talk strategy today. You’ve heard the adage “it takes a village,” which couldn’t be more true when it comes to TED. So many types of people will compose your audience, and it’s crucial to craft a talk that relates to them.

If you’ve never spoken for TED before, this can seem intimidating. Thankfully, we’ve built a team to help you go from ideation to execution of your idea. Then, all you have to do is implement the methods we’ve studied to help make your talk the best possible.

Public speaking is one of the world’s greatest fears, but it is also one of the best ways to share your message with the masses. Surrounded by a team of like-minded individuals and equipped with a talk that will impact your listeners, who knows, you may be the next speaker to go viral.

There’s only one step left to take. The first step is often the most difficult, but it is also life-changing. It’s time to speak from the heart, leverage the TEDx stage, and share your story. The world is waiting.


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