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Twitter’s Elon Musk Versus Our Clients: One Fascinating Link They Share

Did you know that with dedication, tenacity, and the proper guidance, you could have something in common with our clients Nina Meehan, Yarona Boster, and Twitter’s Elon Musk? Unfortunately, comparing yourself to these individuals may seem very out of reach.

We know. You’re not attempting to become the Twitter CEO or famous for your 44 billion dollars, in-process acquisition of Twitter. But, you might be someone looking for direction on how you can become successful. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

You don’t necessarily need to be on any social network, own Tesla shares, or even Twitter shares to be compared to Elon Musk. So while the stock price shares will continue to fluctuate, your success can steadily increase. Let’s break this idea down, starting with the early years of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk And His Early Years

Elon Musk

Growing up in South Africa, Elon Musk likely had no idea the influence he would have on the world. He moved to Canada at age 17 and eventually entered the US as a transfer student, ready to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite his upcoming success, the word’s Twitter shareholder, share price, or even the sound of his name were likely still far from his mind. Musk showed early entrepreneurial potential as a young child, teaching himself to code as just a kid. He sold his first game and brought in $500.

While it may have looked like he had a solid marketing strategy to run small businesses one day, his social media strategy would be more significant than he realized. Little did he know that later he’d want to set Twitter’s share price at $54.20 per share, over half of his first significant sale as a child.

Looking Forward

Musk didn’t know he’d focus on spam bots, social media management, or engage with obligations under the merger as he sought to buy the company that is Twitter. While the terms of the merger go on and Musk has not yet been able to consummate the transaction, he knows his target audience and the products or services he wants to provide them.

So while Musk and Twitter have flooded recent news with talk of his $44 billion Twitter deal and the company’s previous CEO, Parag Agrawal, Musk started as a child in South Africa, tinkering with coding and games. What took him so far as to need regulatory approval and his deal closes to be temporarily on hold?

While Musk’s current challeng with Twitter may feel unrelatable, he faced common challenges just like the rest of us. In fact, he engaged with the same challenge as two of our clients.

Making moves this big starts with overcoming common challenges.

The Challenge Nina Meehan, Yarona Boster, And Elon Musk Have In Common

Despite Elon Musk’s known success, he, along with TEDx speakers Nina Meehan and Yarona Boster, experienced a distinct challenge: landing a TEDx talk. Nina says that while she took preemptive steps such as blogging, podcasting, interviews, and speaking, “I was specifically interested in doing a TEDx Talk, and I was struggling to find the path to get there.” –Nina Meehan, Creativity Expert.
Yarona Boster TEDx

Yarona Boster and her son

Yarona Boster, a trauma-informed and parenting life coach, pursued opportunities to talk one-on-one with those coping with loss issues from various perspectives. Although she influenced both state and federal levels, she too needed a step-by-step path to take her message to the world.

Joining Thought-Leader

Once Yarona teamed up with Thought-Leader, she described her experience: “The formulaic plan of action on how to achieve success in the application process and the talk creation helped me decide that this was the best avenue to succeeding in landing a TEDx Talk.”

Nina didn’t land just one TEDx Talk, but two. She says, “I’m feeling really great for accomplishing a goal I set for myself.”

The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, American Theatre Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Barron’s, Red Tricycle, ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News have spotlighted her work.

Nina can now cooperatively share information in multiple capacities.

Both Yarona and Nina spoke at the same TEDx event: Cole Park. And while they are highly successful individuals, another noteworthy person’s talk was featured at their event—none other than Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s TEDx Talk: Featured At TEDx Cole Park

Elon Musk gave TEDx talks in 2013, 2017, and 2022. His talk was one of the played feature talks at the event where Yarona and Nina presented. In his 2013 sit-down talk with Chris Anderson, Musk said his idea started in university when he wondered what problems are most likely to affect the future of the world or the future of humanity?

TEDx Cole park Elon Musk
Just like Yarona and Nina, Elon Musk started with an idea. That idea eventually led him to the TEDx stage. While ideas can’t always generate confidence, these individuals overcame their fears and partnered with TED. Like Nina, Yarona couldn’t have known she would feel such confidence after giving her TEDx talk.

“The benefits are endless and more than I ever thought would come my way. Friendships, networking, and the community support have had such a positive and lasting effect that I jumped at added opportunities and have gained not just confidence but a feeling deep inside that this is truly where I am meant to be in my life.” –Yarona Boster, Life Coach.

“The benefits are endless and more than I ever thought would come my way. Friendships, networking, and the community support have had such a positive and lasting effect”

Yarona Boster
Trauma-informed & Parenting Life Coach, and TEDx Speaker

The One Commonality

Elon Musk forged the way in showing how a simple question he had at university led him to transform the world of transportation. So what else does he have in common with Nina and Yaorna?
how to become an impactful speaker

They were asking questions early on.

how to become an impactful speaker

They thought ahead.

how to become an impactful speaker

They are impacting millions.

Yarona didn’t know her years of experience in Early Intervention would allow her to share “How Loss Shapes Who We Are and How We Live” on TEDx. Meanwhile, Elon Musk didn’t know his university question would lead him to become CEO of Tesla, the company with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Like Elon, Nina is an expert in her field whose award-winning theatrical work for young people has reached more than 1 million kids and adults and has toured internationally.

Each of these individuals turned their thought processes into successful TEDx talks resulting in far-reaching influence. Yet, their success begs the question, what tipping point helped them reach such high potential? How did these individuals go so far?

While each had different starting points, they didn’t let their beginnings negate their ability to dream big. Pursuing lofty goals often relies more on mindset than on the tools you have to start with.

In fact, for each of these individuals, the road to reaching their aspirations started with thinking outside the box. Changing your mindset and focusing on your dream in ways others may not think to do provides you with leverage.

The Power Of Thinking Outside The Box

Thinking outside the box is not just a saying or a cliché. No, thinking outside the box is powerful because it takes advantage of free speech and pairs it with one of the world’s biggest stages—TED.
Sharing your message with the world can impact countless lives, as each of these hard-working individuals shows. They have changed the fabric of our society by thinking outside the box. Yarona did so through her talk “How Loss Shapes Who We Are and How We Live.”
Meanwhile, Nina’s “Why Creative Play is the Antidote to Stress” was a phenomenal credibility influence.
Here’s the encouraging truth: Elon Musk lived in two countries before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania. His early life was not linear, and while he showed great potential at a young age, he did not change the world all at once.

Instead, he asked a question that had potentially far-reaching repercussions. This question was out of the box and how he chose to answer this question propelled him into his journey.

What ties these three and you together is the ability to take advantage of the stage, share your idea with the masses, and impact lives for years to come.

How Thought-Leader Can Help You Become The Next World-Changer

If you have an idea and are willing to work, you could be the next world-changing TEDx speaker. After working with Thought-Leader, Yarona says, “If you lean into the process and let yourself really jump in without hesitation, or in spite of your fears, it will work!”

“It was really fun to be able to spread the word about something that I believe in so deeply. Thought-Leader delivers what they promise.”

Nina Meehan

Creativity Expert and TEDx Speaker

Thought-Leader has come alongside many individuals who are passionate about influencing the world. The stage could be an invaluable next step if you feel on the fence about how exactly to move forward.

Thankfully, you won’t have to land a talk, create a talk, or give a talk all on your own. We will help you through every step of the process. By the time you step on the TEDx stage, you will be equipped and ready to present your idea to the masses.

viral tedx talk

Why You Need The Power Of Communication To Actually Make Your Dream Reality

Your dream starts with two specific points: Hard work and how you embody your dream. It’s one thing to practice your talk alone in an empty room. It’s another situation entirely to work with a team of professionals: Thought-Leader joins you in the process of creating, fine-tuning, and landing your talk. The challenging workload is a shared responsibility.

Several of our clients now share a commonality with millionaire Elon Musk, and so could you. So what are you waiting for? The stage could be yours—all you have to do is take that first step.

Your story is unique and belongs on the stage, such as TED. We’re ready and willing to help you reach your goals, come to your potential, and influence the world.

Nina Meehan

Creativity Expert and TEDx Speaker

Yarona Boster

Personal Life Coach


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