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How Thought-Leader Helped Christine Ramsay Make Her Dreams Come True!

Christine Ramsay is a first-generation Armenian-American and the Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of Ignite Inclusion, LLC. She’s an international bestselling author of the newest anthology of Your Life is Worth It, a certified happiness and leadership coach, certified in Brain-Based Skills Neuroscience of Inclusion, Social and Emotional Intelligence (EI), and a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP).

Her strong cultural upbringing helped give her a different perspective when her 3-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism Syndrome Disorder (ASD). Her son’s struggles set her on a journey to empower him and others like him. This journey took her to the TEDx stage and has impacted hundreds of listeners since.

“Thought-Leader puts your dreams into a reality.”


Christine Ramsay’s son was nonverbal until he was four and a half. But, her 85-year-old Armenian grandmother repeated a phrase to Christine’s son every day. Translated to English, the phrase is, “You are out of the ordinary and simply extraordinary. You are exactly what this world needs.” Alice’s passing in 2019 set the trajectory for Christine Ramsay to share her grandmother’s message with the world.

“It became my journey to find the biggest stage I could be on, not for myself, but to spread this empowerment for others. That’s how I found Thought-Leader.”

Christine Ramsay

Owner Ignite Inclusion, Certified Diversity Professional and TEDx Speaker

Despite her desire to share this empowerment, she faced the struggle of, “Can I even do this?” Christine Ramsay knew she couldn’t take her message to the stage alone.

The Stigmatization That Inspired Christine Ramsay’s TEDx Talk

Christine Ramsay did not know the timelines for giving a TEDx Talk, much less how to deliver one. Christine Ramsay felt that autistic individuals and many neurodivergent individuals are often stigmatized. This stigmatization frequently leads to undervaluing their perspectives. As a result, 80% of adults who are autistic have no employment. These people are brilliant, but they can’t find work. However, some of the most influential individuals were neurodivergent individuals past and present. Christine Ramsay wanted to take their stories to the stage so that this unique way of seeing the world is a strength and not a deficiency.

For instance:

historical fiction

Albert Einstein was considered autistic, but he was the most intelligent man who ever lived.

historical fiction
Simone Biles, one of the most decorated Olympians globally, openly shared her ADHD.
historical fiction
One of the most successful entrepreneurs globally, Richard Branson, is open about having dyslexia.
Christine knew these challenges needed to be shared. She wanted the world to understand the extraordinary power of neurodiversity, not just in influential individuals but in acquaintances, friends, and family like she saw in her son.
However, Christine Ramsay’s story was so broad she was unsure how to craft it into a significant package for her audience. So, not knowing what else to do, she turned to the internet and, in her search, discovered Thought-Leader.
Christine Ramsay and her son

Christine and Her Son

Christine Ramsay’s Journey With Thought-Leader

Christine Ramsay’s meetings with her Thought-Leader coach helped her hone in on her message. She started with one message and came out with another.

“I felt very much aligned with Thought-Leader’s mission to serve others. It’s not about being on a stage but how we truly enable change. That humanity is what compelled me to Thought-Leader.”

Surrounded by people who challenged and supported her journey and guided by the accountability of her Thought-Leader coach, she knew she could make it to the TEDx stage. However, there were moments when she thought, “This is too big. I can’t do it.” Christine Ramsay’s Thought-Leader community cheered her on and helped her push through her mental walls in these moments.

Then, one year after her Thought-Leader coach helped her begin applying to TEDx events, Christine Ramsay gave her talk.

Christine Ramsay Discovers 5 Steps That Can Change The World

As a happiness and leadership coach, Christine understands the power of the brain’s ability to change itself, depending on how you direct thoughts and emotions. Changing the structure of your neural pathways is possible with conscious intention via five simple steps. Christine Ramsay decided to share these steps from the TEDx stage:
historical fiction
Find a quiet space and take 3-5 deep breaths
historical fiction
Start writing positive affirmations
historical fiction
Write in the present tense
historical fiction
Keep it simple
historical fiction
Practice daily and visualize your strength
With the help of her Thought-Leader coach, Christine Ramsay landed her talk, crafted her talk, and prepared to give her talk. She began her journey to find the most significant stage she could step on, not for herself, but to empower others. It was time to take the TEDx stage.

Christine Ramsay Gives Her TEDx Talk

November of 2021, Christine Ramsay stepped on the TEDx stage in Raleigh, North Carolina. In her TEDx talk, Christine shared the message that had been so close to her heart for so long. “Your unique brilliance of seeing the world differently is a strength and not a deficiency.” She explained how to take advantage of the scientific concept of self-directed neuroplasticity through her 5-step positive affirmation setting.

Christine Ramsay’s message of embracing what makes you unique, sharing your strengths, and celebrating your differences is timely. After her talk, which Christine Ramsay refers to as one of the most incredible moments of her life, many people approached her and said thank you for bringing this topic up.

“Your unique brilliance of seeing the world differently is a strength and not a deficiency.”

On the TEDx stage, Christine Ramsay shared her heart for neurodivergent individuals as a first-generation Armenian-American, a certified happiness and leadership coach, a bestselling author, and most importantly, the mother of an Autistic son.

Watch Christine’s TEDx Talk

The Ripple Effect of TEDx

Christine Ramsay refers to her TEDx talk as the one stone that cast a ripple within her community’s water, near and far. One message can have many effects across your communities, schools, workplaces, and your very life. TEDx gave Christine Ramsay the ability to spread her message on a large scale.

This ripple effect is the power of the TEDx stage. It’s the power of:

  • Sharing a well-crafted message
  • Having a community of coaches and accountability partners to make sure you cast your stone

All along, Christine Ramsay knew she couldn’t take her message to the stage alone. But with her Thought-Leader community, Christine Ramsay didn’t just cast a ripple. Her TEDx talk took her to another stage as well.

Christine Ramsay Impacted Thousands After Giving A TED Talk

Giving a TEDx talk opened many doors for Christine Ramsay, personally and professionally:
check mark
Other speaking engagements
check mark
Opportunities to connect with others
check mark
A collaborative book project
check mark
Personal and professional connections
“A TEDx talk is a truly remarkable way to bring awareness to whatever topic that is meant to be put out to the world to help serve others.”


The company Christine Ramsay works for broadcasted her TEDx talk to their 46,000 employees. They found so much value in the uniqueness of her message. Christine’s wellness community even shared her TEDx talk on their website.

“The humans you meet in Thought-Leader are truly one of a kind.”

In fact, after landing her TEDx talk, Christine Ramsay landed another talk: A Distinguished presenter for the University of Peace, United Nations Gross Happiness Summit in Costa Rica in March 2022. Speaking for the University of Peace, United Nations was a bucket list dream, and after working with Thought-Leader to land her TEDx talk, this dream became her reality.

Christine Ramsay helps individuals squash the self-limiting belief that their difference is abnormal as a life empowerment and happiness coach. Rather than minimize their capabilities, Christine Ramsay helps all people consciously choose to reimagine their unique strengths as a superpower.

Webinar Hosted by Taylor CTA
Christine Ramsay’s TEDx talk came from her grandmother, who believed her son was right where he was supposed to be. Her grandmother’s phrase, your uniqueness is your inner genius, was the stone that cast a ripple and took Christine to the TEDx stage, to the University of Peace-United Nations, and on.

Today, Christine Ramsay’s passion is to continue to move this movement forward, be self-aware with how we approach people and interact and create a sense of belonging around people who are different than us.


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