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How To Become A 6-Figure Business Owner: Mindset Matters

It’s officially that time when everyone is cleaning out their closets, garages, and homes to make room for a new season. But, while spring cleaning is a popular tradition, one must wonder why we don’t apply this concept to more areas of our lives. What if we took the concept of spring cleaning and applied it to building a six-figure business.

For example, what about spring cleaning our minds, our business practices, and so on? Perhaps, we’re just unaware of the possibilities that could come from challenging our perspectives. Whichever the case, this blog aims to change that.

So, let’s discuss how mental health practices can help you start a profitable business and become a six-figure business owner.

Practicing Mindfulness Increases Your Ability to Focus

There’s more to entrepreneurialism than a business idea, email list, market list, and so on. In fact, we’d like to argue that mindfulness meditation is a key ingredient to building a successful business model.

According to the Mayo Clinic, mindfulness is a type of meditation. You focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness can help you in several areas of your life, including entrepreneurship settings.

Mindfulness often presents itself in the following formula:

1. Clear Your Mind of Your Surroundings:

2. Focus On Your Breath:

3. Expand Your Awareness:

This formula allows you to forgo the thoughts holding your focus hostage while also giving your attention to the present moment. The result is that you learn how to concentrate on a given task more thoroughly. Proper focus enables you to give your business your undivided attention without being distracted by:

  • The never-ending to-do list of house projects
  • The bills you need to pay later this month
  • What you’ll eat for dinner etc.

Directing your attention to larger business tasks helps you release background thoughts. While previous tasks remain, their presence shifts to the back of your mind, and they no longer fight for your focus.

Focus Brings Clarity Around Your Ideas

When you focus on one thing at a time, you drown out the noise of everything around you. In addition, this concentration gives you a clearer idea of what you should be doing with your time. Instead of spending hours creating content for your personal or business social media, perhaps that time could be spent servicing your potential customers.

However, before you decide where you start, it’s important that you understand what you should be putting your hours a week into. Let’s put this concept into practice by performing a mindfulness exercise by Thought-Leader founder and six-figure business owner Taylor Conroy:

The MountainTop Excercise:

  • Clear your mind of everything going on in your life and focus on your breath.
  • Take deep breaths in and deep breaths out (repeat this 3x)
  • Bring your attention from your thoughts to your neck. Then your chest. Focus on your chest. Feel your heart beating and giving you life.
  • Picture your heart glowing a light that slowly spreads from your entire chest. This light calms you and brings you peace.
  • As you feel your mind quieting, picture yourself on the side of a majestic mountain. The temperature outside is perfect, and here’s a path leading up to the top.
  • As you walk up the path towards the top of the mountain, you feel like you’re meant to be there. There’s nowhere else you should be beside the top of the mountain.
  • As you climb up to the top, your worries and thoughts drift away. The closer you get to the top, the clearer you get on what’s essential in life.
  • Approaching the top of the mountain, you realize you’ve reached an incredible opportunity.
  • The opportunity you have shows itself at the top of the mountain.
  • You’ve been gifted a message to share with the entire world. In just 10 minutes, you can share your most profound wisdom and knowledge with others.
  • The world isn’t just listening below. Everyone is willing to take action on what you say. Individuals will adopt your message as truth in their life.

So, the question is, if you had the opportunity to share a message with every person on earth, what would that message be?

This exercise, which we like to call the Mountaintop Experience, challenges you to let go of random thoughts and focus on the most important message you want to share. This message should align with your business purpose and help you gather clarity around the ideas you have for your organization.

Clarity Helps You Establish Your Goals

Once you’re clear on what you should share with the world, you can take actionable steps toward business growth. But, before you take steps, you need first to establish what those steps are.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have come before you and established their six-figure success, and many more will come after you. How did people in the past solidify their business strategy and reach their dreams? They did the same thing we encourage you to do: work backward.

Working backward helps you establish goals that can make your end dream a reality.

But before she had a platform to share her message, she wanted to have practice in the field related to her message. She also needed the experience to get practice in her field. Therefore the steps to reach her dream looked like this:

  1. Take a training course on diversity
  2. Transition to an HR job that focuses on diversity
  3. Become coach certified and offer one-on-one sessions to individuals needing help with neurodiverse inclusion
  4. Work with a TEDx coaching company to land a TED talk
  5. Give a TEDx talk on neurodiversity
  6. Share the TEDx talk with current job and clients
  7. Request to speak at United Nations
  8. Land talk at United Nations

Gaining clarity around her message enabled Christine to establish and end-goal for herself. Working backward from her end dream allowed Christine to establish the steps needed to make her business passion a reality.

Measuring Goals Keep You On Track

Once you have goals in place, it’s much easier to measure them. Think about each end goal you have in mind and what it would take for you to accomplish each. Perhaps you want to create a service-based business that caters to dog owners, or maybe you want to get out of a full-time role by starting an online business. Whichever the case, measuring your goals and working backwards to achieve them can help.

For example, if you want to publish a book by age 40 and you’re currently 35, you could set a goal around the number of pages you need to write in years 1 and 2. You could determine how many edits and outreaches to make in years 3 and 4. Then, you might measure your success by:


The number of pages you write per month in year one


The number of pages you write per month in year two


The number of pages you edit per month in year 3


The number of agents you reach out to in year 4


The number of manuscripts you revise in year 5

Here’s a graphical breakdown of how measuring your goals could keep you on track with publishing your book:
6 figure book publishing goals

Pro Tip: How to Set 6-Figure Goals

It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of market research to set prosperous goals for your business. If you’re not sure how to make six-figure goals, here’s a simple saying you can ask yourself before creating them:

Are my goals SMART?

Specific: Do my goals get specific enough to meet my needs?
Measurable: Can I quantify this goal with numbers?
Attainable: Can I reasonably reach this goal within my given timeframe?
Timely: Is this goal most pertinent to my current needs?

Once you’ve set SMART goals, it’s much easier to tweak a number or timeframe when priorities shift. While taking a Six-Sigma course on goal-setting, I learned to start with your most significant goal in mind and break everything down based on the number associated with it. Here’s an example of how I set a goal for myself based on the SMART framework and partial Six-Sigma strategy:

Sig Figure Business Owner Goal Setting

Staying On Track Makes You Successful

It’s one thing to create a successful track and another to follow it. Unfortunately, the hurdles of everyday life often take away from the time we’ve set aside to focus and reset. But, if we’re not careful, these hurdles can become sand that covers the goal stones we’ve set for our businesses and lives.

Setting aside time each morning to mentally focus on our life and career goals reminds us to keep our priorities in order. For example, successful business entrepreneur and 6-figure business owner, Taylor Conroy, reminds himself of his aspirations each morning. These goal-based initiatives keep him in line every time life hurdles something his way.

As a result of staying true to his passion and goals, Taylor is now a 6-figure public speaker and business owner. He’s given 4 TEDx talks and even spoken at Harvard and Princeton. He reminds us it’s never too late to follow our dreams and to do so while staying true to ourselves.


Joelle Cullimore
Marketing Content Manager

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