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5 Things You Didn’t Know Could Increase Brand Awareness in 2022

Did you know that digital interaction influences 70% of purchases?

Not only is digital brand awareness an essential factor in creating a sustainable brand, but with online marketing and influencers on the rise, it’s crucial to identify your company’s brand and create awareness around it. Once you understand how to increase your brand awareness, you can level up your company. Long-lasting brand awareness can take your organization from unheard of to a name individuals personally identify with.

Before diving in, let’s ensure we’re working from the same definition. When we speak on brand awareness, we’re discussing how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it. The more brand recognition you receive, the more your brand will be top of mind.

This article discusses how to build brand recognition so your business can thrive long term. We’ll provide examples, strategies, and even discuss how you can utilize different trends as a B2B or B2C. Once you’ve read this piece, you’ll be able to answer questions like, “What is the value in brand awareness” and “How do I build brand credibility” with ease. The stronger the credibility of your business, the easier someone will recognize your brand. In addition, the more you can create brand awareness, the better your product or service will be received.

Why is Brand Awareness Important

Brand awareness is vital because the more someone recognizes your brand, the easier it is for them to start and continue doing business with you. Word-of-mouth marketing is highly dependent on how recognizable a company is to its customers. People talk about what they know, so brand recognition is crucial in keeping your brand top of mind.

In a previous article, we discussed how ninety-four percent of the world’s population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo. You may not be thinking about coca-cola on a hot summer day, but when you see the red and white logo, you’ll likely think a coke sounds fantastic. This is called brand awareness.

People often ask, “What is the value in brand awareness?” According to Forbes, “​​When it comes to purchasing decisions, studies show that the brands consumers recognize most are more likely to be included in their consideration sets. 75% of shoppers said they are more likely to purchase from a company that knows their name and purchase history.” Brand awareness makes this consumer marketing possible. Quality marketing and advertising influences brand awareness and ultimately cycles back through the sales funnel. Therefore, the stronger your brand awareness, the higher the return on your marketing investment.

Brand Awareness Example

Barkbox is an excellent example of a company that does a great job with brand awareness. Barkbox stormed the pet market in the last few years with its consumer-facing products. They focus on user-generated content to propel their business. They even have a closed Facebook group for customers to offer feedback and testing on new products. Barkbox has empowered customers to use social media to engage with their brand directly.

Since its launch in 2012, BarkBox has shipped more than 50 million toys and healthy treats to customers worldwide. In addition, BarkBox works to proactively stay relevant with current cultural trends, going so far as to release a Spider-Man, No Way Home box.

Bark Box Brand Awareness Example
Barkbox enhances customer experience through Pupdate emails. Their BarkBuddy app helps customers remain engaged with their brand. In addition, the company creates unique hashtags for each new toy launch which allows them to measure brand awareness every launch. Compared to other social platforms, BarkBuddy differs uniquely by thinking outside the box and allowing customers themselves to generate positive branded content for sharing.

How To Create Brand Awareness

You can use four brand awareness strategies to create brand recognition and grow your business. These strategies are brand extension, new brand, flanker, and fighter.

Brand extension involves the introduction of a new brand, in a new market, after consolidating your brands’ name in a related field. Mad Marketing Pro explains brand extension using Starbucks’ introduction of k-cups as a prime example. Starbucks is a solid brand that knows its audience. To reach coffee drinkers who wanted to have the benefit of Starbucks coffee without leaving their home, Starbucks invented to portable k-cup. Starbucks was a solidified brand, but they extended their brand to the home by introducing this new way feature for customers who wanted to stay in.

New brand strategy involves creating both a new brand and a new product and combining the two. For example, consider DoubleTree by Hilton, and its sub-brands Signia Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton. Each brand is different from DoubleTree and requires different marketing, but they all fall under the DoubleTree brand.

Flanker brand strategy is the placement of a new brand or sub-brand, at the high or lower ends of the spectrum in order to capture new market segments. Consider Apple’s release of the iPhone X on the high end of the pricing spectrum when they released the iPhone 8 on the lower end.

A fighter brand involves a company creating a new brand not targeted at consumers but competitors. For example, Dr. Pepper introduced Squirt, and Coca-Cola created Citra as a fighter brand.

How To Raise Brand Awareness in 2022:

Now that you understand the value of brand awareness and some of the marketing campaigns and marketing strategies companies use to create brand recognition, let’s discuss the six strategies you probably haven’t considered.

The following examples of brand awareness are by no means exhaustive. However, you can utilize digital channels to successfully raise brand awareness and keep your company top of mind for consumers. The better grasp you have on the practical ways to create brand awareness, the easier it will be to create a strong brand through marketing and advertising, search engines, blog posts, and advertising campaigns. All of these channels are ways to raise brand awareness. And of course, word-of-mouth is some of the best marketing there is. So, let’s dive in!

1. Consider The Power TikTok Has In Making Your Brand Recognizable:

Some of your favorite videos probably originated from someone posting to TikTok and their video going viral. Needless to say, now more than ever, it’s easy to post one video and go viral. TikTok is the trendsetter of this. But TikTok isn’t just for consumers. Businesses are moving to TikTok to get their names out there too.
Spikeball has over 1 million followers on TikTok and uses this social platform to create brand awareness. With over 22 million likes, they are doing pretty well, to say it lightly. Not only can TikTok help you measure brand awareness via followers and likes, but it brings a more personal tone to your brand.

2. Encourage Executives To Give TEDx Talks To Establish Brand Credibility:

TEDx talks have the potential to reach millions of people. Some of the most popular talks result in organizations gaining hundreds of new customers a month. TEDx started in 2009, and since then over 50,000 TEDx talks have shaped lives around the world. When company executives give TEDx talks, they can educate, inspire, and motivate consumers while raising brand awareness. TEDx talks are some of the best marketing tactics we saw in 2021. With millions of views, CEOs and business leaders are tapping into the world of TEDx to increase brand awareness.

After the CEO of Outsource Access, Brad Stevens, gave a TEDx talk, he had to double his staff to keep up with all of the business he took in. Because of his talk, Brad has spoken and networked with businesses around the globe. The personal clarity, friendships, and confidence in administering such a talk are additional assets that last a lifetime.

3. Utilize Instagram Reels To Make Your Company Relatable:

Instagram reels are videos up to 60 seconds. While most organizations are still stuck on traditional Instagram and have yet to tap into the popularity of reels, today’s Instagram users favor video content. The algorithm currently favors them as well. Reels are a great way to tap into the trend of moving away from the feel of large, professional corporations to more individualized, relatable content.

Reels are how companies get relatable. Create personalized reels highlighting the feel of your brand to make your company relatable. Don’t shy away from portraying the more unedited version of your company. Now more than ever, your audience wants that personal touch.

How to Use Instagram Reels for Business

If you want to use Instagram reels for your business, consider running reel ads and engaging in content creator partnerships. Engage with creative partners whose personal brand aligns with your company brand. Allow them to become part of the face representing your brand. This will increase brand awareness in a fresh, personal way.

For instance, Scott’s Cheap Flights utilize employees to talk about flight trends. Make it your goal to create helpful, educational content that ties tips to trending audio. This takes away the large corporation feel and brings brand awareness to the more personal side of the brand.

4. Get Leaders on Clubhouse to Generate Discussions About Your Offerings:

Clubhouse is a free app but is unique because it can only be joined via invite. Clubhouse’s target audience is people dedicated to learning and growing. People can enter discussion rooms that best suit their interests, giving you access to prospective customers that are most interested in what your brand offers.

Leaders can give advice and tips and even mention their products or services as examples in their talks. Clubhouse reportedly has a $1 billion valuation. Many of Silicon Valley’s top honchos, from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg, have spoken in Clubhouse calls, fueling interest in the app. Even Oprah Winfrey has used it.

5. Get On Pinterest To Increase Branding Conversion Rates

According to Sprout Social, Pinterest has the highest buyer conversion rate out of any platform. Reportedly, 85% of pinners choose Pinterest to start from when beginning a new project. In addition, an overwhelming 98% of Pinners say they have tried new things that they found on Pinterest.

With the possibility of your pins being discovered and going viral at any time, it’s a great platform to use to create brand recognition. Fine-tune your brand with pinboards, animated GIFs, and videos that highlight the unique aspects of your brand. The more brand awareness you bring to Pinterest, the higher your conversion rates are likely to be.

How to Use Pinterest if You’re A B2C:

Some of the best consumer-facing businesses utilize Pinterest almost as much as Google. For example, Target creates mockups of rooms with their products and posts them to Pinterest. The products link back to the Target website, which can directly translate to sales. Target can even use their seasonal campaigns as brand awareness campaigns by utilizing these mockups on Pinterest for new launches.

How to Use Pinterest If You’re A B2B:

If you are a B2B, you can still utilize Pinterest. Create visual guides, ads, and boards related to your target audience. For instance, HubSpot uses Pinterest to promote original company content and condenses guides and blogs to make it specific for Pinterest.
Repurposing content in this way reinforces their brand, builds brand recognition, and keeps content coming regularly. With 6.4 million monthly views, their page is worth learning from.

Set Your Organization Up For Branding Success In 2022:

Building brand awareness is a crucial factor in establishing the credibility of your brand. Each strategy discussed above can help you create brand recognition and grow your business. Whether you choose to use the brand strategy of extension, new brand, flanker, fighter, or combine them, ensure the strategy you use is specific to your brand.

As you work to increase your brand awareness, don’t forget Tik Tok’s power in making your brand recognizable. If you’ve dreamed of becoming a public speaker, research how to give a TEDx talk and further establish your brand’s credibility. Utilize your company’s Instagram reels to make your company relatable to your target audience. Seek out how to be invited to Clubhouse and generate discussions about your company’s offerings. Finally, don’t forget the power of Pinterest in increasing branding conversion rates.

Mixed-media artist and designer Morgan Harper Nichols daily shares her art across social media platforms and through collaborations. Morgan was a struggling musician in her 20s until she went viral on Pinterest. Today, her brand awareness has taken the form of 1.9 million Instagram followers, 4.6 million monthly views on Pinterest, and 39.4 thousand followers on TikTok. Her second book is scheduled to release February of 2022.

Never underestimate the power of increasing brand awareness. You never know when it will catch. You never know when your brand will explode. One day, your target audience could also recognize your brand in something as small as red and white colors and a swirly font.

Coca-Cola brand awareness example
The stronger the association between your brand and your consumer needs, the stronger your brand awareness will be. The stronger your brand awareness, the higher the return on your marketing investment.


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