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5 Reasons Why TED Talks Help You Manifest Your Dreams

If you are a writer, speaker, or entrepreneur, chances are you want to manifest your dreams. But, like many others, you might wonder how you can make your dreams a reality. TED Talks are one of the ways you can make your dreams most achievable.

There’s a reason TEDx events are one of the best ways to help your dreams come true. TED began with the mission of spreading ideas. Therefore, these talks are centered around individual dreams that become larger missions.

While there are many ways giving a TED talk can help you take your dreams from idea to reality, before diving into how it helps you manifest your goals, we must work from the exact definition of manifest.

What Is The Meaning of Manifest?

When you manifest something you can perceive it with your senses and especially by the sense of sight. So when you choose to put effort into your dreams, squash limiting beliefs and begin your audacious project, you start to see your goal take shape.

Truly manifesting your dream will likely take time, tenacity, and a willingness to fail to succeed. The more you work toward your goal, the more you will sense it taking shape.

For example, if you are a writer and want to publish a book, manifesting your dream may look something like this:

manifest your dreams with TED

Hiring a mentor

manifest your dreams with TED

Learning writing rules

manifest your dreams with TED

Writing your first draft

manifest your dreams with TED

Editing, editing, editing

manifest your dreams with TED

Choosing how you want to publish

manifest your dreams with TED

Publishing your book

manifest your dreams with TED

Holding your book in your hand

No matter what type of dream you pursue, your manifestation can take many different forms. Perhaps it looks like:

  • Spending times in the morning working toward your dream
  • Creating a vision board or gratitude journal to track your progress
  • Letting your subconscious mind work for you while you sleep

Your step-by-step process will help you feel good as you work toward your dream. Consider this blog a manual for manifesting your dream life. Let’s talk about some examples to give you a visual.

Manifestation Examples

The definition of manifest seems concrete, but knowing how to manifest your own dreams may still feel a bit out of reach. It’s one thing to dream of publishing a book and know that one day you could hold a published copy in your hand. However, it’s an entirely different story to walk through every step of the manifestation process.

If you ask, how can I manifest my dreams, this section is particularly for you. To clear up potential ambiguity, below are several examples of individuals who had a dream, walked through specific steps, and realized their goals. While the examples vary, feel free to apply the methodology behind their progress to your own manifestation goals.

Farrah Smith and Embracing Rejection

Farrah Smith dreamed of working in the nonprofit sector due to her passion for underprivileged youth and animals. However, her degree from UCLA, success in managing public relations in Hollywood, selling real estate in Las Vegas, and hosting entertainment industry parties in LA did not point to nonprofit work.

Dream manifestation for Farrah seemed impossible. Yet, despite her setbacks, she continued to use the power of technology, entertainment, and design to aid in her journey. Farrah not only networked herself into the nonprofit sector, but she went on to land a TEDx talk that helped her impact 20,000 lives.

If you asked Farrah today, “How can I manifest my dreams?” She would likely say that manifesting your dreams is possible because there is power in embracing rejection.

David Gerber and Making Your Ego Your Enemy

David Gerber is another individual whose decade-long dream took the manifestation of impacting 378,000 lives. This process transformed David, and you can see his transformation in the way he impacted so many.

While this impact affected thousands of individuals, this change started with David. He had to embrace his message in order to work his dream into a reality. Once he took the necessary time to do so, his impact spread.

However, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Manifesting my dreams doesn’t look like big numbers,” that’s okay. Not everyone needs to go after success via a numerical score. Sometimes success takes a different form. In fact, sometimes succeeding starts with your mindset, as this next example clearly shows.

Christine Ramsay and Neurodiversity

Christine Ramsay is a happiness and leadership coach. She understands the power of the brain’s ability to change itself, depending on how you direct thoughts. Christine shared a 5-step process that you could essentially call a mind hacking happiness exercise.

As you can see, not every dream needs to manifest in numbers. Sometimes it’s the personal, mental wins that have the most impact. Whatever your dreams are, if you take the proper steps and persist, the chances are high that you can manifest your dreams too.
Remember, your dream is unique to you. Therefore, your dream manifestation will look different depending on your personal goals. It is possible to watch your dream come into reality, though, and TED is a great place to start.

Manual for Manifesting Your Dream Life

How Can I Manifest My Dreams With TED?

TED and TEDx help you take your dream to one of the world’s most prominent stages. This fact means it’s not just you by yourself anymore—the world has access to your dream. But, if you’ve ever used the law of attraction or an exercise more hand on such as the 369 method (morning: writing down what you want to manifest three times, day: six times, evening: nine times), you know it can be challenging to keep yourself on course. This is where TED comes in.

1. TED Accepts Speakers Who Are Passionate About Their Subject Matter

To be a TED or TEDx speaker, you must be genuinely passionate about your talk. Because of this, TED forces you to think about your dreams in a framework of success. Therefore, if TED accepts you, you will need to uncover what you’re passionate about. Articulating your passion will start your talk.

What do you want to communicate most? The fun part is that your manifestation starts at this point. You are living out your dream by speaking on behalf of it. This type of manifestation is a privilege. Regard it for the honor it is.

Additionally, if you’ve always wanted to share a personal story of overcoming a difficult obstacle, were interested in researching something and presenting your findings, or even thought about starting a nonprofit, TED makes it possible to talk about all of those things. “Ideas worth sharing” is the foundation of TED, and sharing your idea is furthering the manifestation of your dreams.

2. TED Builds Your Platform and Global Reach

Two-time TEDx speaker Katie Kimball used the stage to build her kids’ cooking platform. Being able to share her genre of healthy eating opened up many doors for Katie. The TEDx platform paved the way for Katie to appear virtually and in-person:

The TEDx platform

On podcasts

The TEDx platform


The TEDx platform


The TEDx platform

Fox News

The TEDx platform


The TEDx platform


The TEDx platform

Pop Sugar

Believe it or not, Katie started sharing her message in her kitchen with a small audience at 10 a.m. on Mondays. However, when she took advantage of the TEDx stage, she discovered the opportunity to share her dream nationally.

Having the right platform to propel your business forward makes it possible to reach your goals, and TED is one of the best platforms for this type of manifestation.

3. You Communicate Your Ideas To An Eager Audience

In many cases, when giving a talk, you don’t know if every individual wants to be in the audience. For instance, if a high school asks you to speak, you can assume that not every student is there to hear you.

On the contrary, when you give a TEDx talk, you know the audience wants to be there and desires to hear what you have to say. Because of this, the audience is more likely to take action, furthering your dream coming into a reality.

Additionally, how you present something you’re knowledgeable about helps pique the audience’s interest. Nonverbal communication plays a big role in the overall acceptance of your talk. Your TED/TEDx audience is eager to hear your ideas, and this factor is unique to TED.

4. You Become More Confident Sharing Your Dream

Overcoming self-doubt is another way to become confident in sharing your dream. Unfortunately, many successful people struggle with Imposter Syndrome. It’s challenging to navigate feelings of inadequacy. Speaking on the TED stage helps defeat this fear because you have to put your self-doubts aside in order to land a spot on the TEDx stage.

When you’re giving a TEDx talk, you’re manifesting your dreams as you speak. Likewise, once you’ve successfully given a TEDx talk, you’ve conquered an incredibly far-reaching stage. Moving on to the next venue will feel less intimidating because you proved that you could confidently share your dream.

When it comes to manifesting your dream, it is essential to share your dream with confidence. The more speaking gigs you can get, the more you will defeat Imposter Syndrome and overcome self-doubt. Then you can use this newfound confidence to continue speaking about your dream, even off the stage.

5. The More You Talk About Your Dream, The More It Comes Alive

Have you ever had a dream, you woke up, and forgot about? Or maybe you remembered your nightly encounters and immediately told someone about them. Dreams are easy to forget unless we write them down or tell them to a friend.

The more you talk about your dream, the more you speak it into existence

The same is true for vocational dreams. The more you talk about your dream, the more you speak it into existence. Your dream needs certain aspects to come alive. Because of this, it’s vital that you:

  • Talk about your dream with trusted family or friends
  • Consider the details that will help your dream manifest
  • Include the right people to help you execute your goals
  • Surround yourself with individuals who support you

When you speak at TED, you’re talking to an audience full of like-minded individuals. You can walk off stage and take your notes with you to the cafe, restaurant, or a Friday night dinner party. You already proved you could deliver your message to a waiting audience. From there, all you have to do is look at your notes and communicate the bullet points when someone asks what you’re passionate about.

Begin Your Dream Manifestation Today With This One Step

Now that you worked through the manifestation meaning with examples, it’s time to become your own example. You’re one step away from becoming a speaker on the world’s biggest stage. Individuals like Farrah Smith, David Gerber, and Katie Kimball are true inspirations of this success.

However, the inspiration remains dormant unless you take the next step on behalf of yourself. Farrah embraced rejection until she manifested her dream on the TEDx stage. David dreamed of being a TEDx speaker for a decade before he watched his passion come to reality. Katie started her dream manifestation in her kitchen.

We’re not saying the road is easy, but the TEDx stage makes it possible to manifest your dreams and impact yourself, your audience, and possibly even the world. All it takes is one step to start your journey.

If you are:

Passionate about your topic

Passionate about your topic

Desire to build your platform

Desire to build your platform

Want to communicate to an eager audience

Want to communicate to an eager audience

Learn to share your personal goals confidently

Passionate about your topic

And will put in the work to manifest your dream

And will put in the work to manifest your dream

It’s time to take that next step. Finally, your dream can become a reality, and you are capable of putting in the work. The one question that remains is: What are you waiting for?


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