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4 Self-Confidence Affirmations Every Speaker Needs to Tell Themself

Did you know that research found that people can boost their ability to solve problems under pressure by using self-affirmation? Problem-solving is a beneficial soft skill to have, and having the ability to do so under pressure can make or break your success.

Maybe there are technical difficulties and your mic goes dead seven minutes into your talk. Perhaps you thought your slides were working only to realize they aren’t. Knowing how to speak self-confidence affirmations can improve your performance on stage.

In part one of this series, we discussed the fear of public speaking and learned five steps to overcome it. First, of course, getting on stage can be scary. But now that you know that most people feel nervous before their speech, it’s time to move forward.

You can embody the one thing you used to fear and learn how to be a confident person in front of a crowd.

In part two, we discuss ways of building your confidence, so you feel great on stage. Feeling confident can be the difference between meeting your long-term goals or not.

So how do you create confidence in your ability, and what are the specific steps? How do you become a confident public speaker? The first thing you need to do is gain self-confidence.

Self Esteem Vs. Self Confidence: What’s The Difference?

Self-esteem can be defined as whether you appreciate and value yourself, while self-confidence is your belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s vital that you don’t set a goal, work to create the life you desire, and let the achievement or lack of it crush you.

It’s a privilege to achieve your goal and feel good about your hard work and accomplishment. However, confidence and self-esteem should not directly correlate to your view of yourself. The two correlate, but you can be confident about what you have to offer even if you’ve never stepped on a stage before.

There’s more to confident people than a standout resume. Confidence can come from areas outside what we do, and in this article, we discuss four affirmations to help you develop self-confidence.

It’s vital to give excellence to what you do and, simultaneously, realize your best is enough. These affirmations will help you on your journey to further confidence.

4 Self Confidence Affirmations to Tell Yourself Before Getting On Stage

You don’t need a lack of self-confidence to love affirmations. For example, some individuals thrive on others verbally encouraging them. But what if you need to encourage yourself moments before taking the stage?

It’s crucial to equip yourself with the proper methods to walk on stage confidently. One of these methods is self-affirmation. So whether you love the spotlight or it makes you nervous, here are four ways to gain more confidence.

#1 – I Work Hard At What I Do, And It Pays Off

Whether you spent hours educating yourself on your speaking topic or turned to self-confidence books to give you that extra boost of empowerment if you’ve worked hard, it pays off.

If you got into real estate, you might have to put more time into the first year of work than the following. But the harder you work, the more efficient you become.

Recognize your hard work and let your success validate your time. Of course, success will take different forms as you progress, but accept the wins for what they are — validation that you’re working hard and moving forward.

#2 – Errors Are Just Learning Curves

Using this type of self-confidence and positive affirmations reinforces a learning mentality rather than a win or lose mentality. If every time you make a mistake, you label your experience a failure, it’s unlikely you’ll find your upcoming errors even worth affirmations.

On the contrary, consider Thomas Edison and the lightbulb. Most people would credit him for failing 1,000 times at inventing the lightbulb. However, in response, Edison is quoted as saying, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.

Take Thomas Edison’s affirmations for self-esteem, and you’ll be surprised at the shift in your mindset. If you want to take a unique approach or discover an authentic way to execute a job, chances are high that you’ll make some errors.

Give yourself the dignity of accepting that you are human. Sometimes, learning curves take time. Errors provide a different perspective on learning and give you a fresh idea of how to push through the curve and grow.

#3 – Deep Breathing Exercises Help Calm Me

This is a scientific fact combined with an affirmation. Deep breathing encourages the trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. Not surprisingly, it can slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.

When you repeat this affirmation, you are doing more than simply speaking positive language over yourself. Science stands behind the words you say and acts as an affirmation by itself. So next time you wonder, “What does stage confidence mean?” take several deep breaths before taking the stage.

You will likely be calmer, slow your heart rate, and perhaps even stabilize your blood pressure. With your body in this calm state, you will likely become the confident speaker you know you can be.

#4 – The Audience Wants Me To Succeed

You probably sat as an audience member before, watched the speaker step on stage, and could tell they were nervous. Nerves are a normal part of public speaking and something the majority of people struggle with.

However, as you sat in the audience, you likely rooted for the speaker to succeed, not fail. You felt the tightness in your chest as they fumbled through the first sentence or two, and the peaceful release as they gained confidence.

Just as you root for those you listen to, your audience wants to see you succeed. They came to your talk to learn something from you, support your endeavors, and see you speak in person. Remember that the audience is for you as you take the stage, and it will change how you view them.

Gain Confidence On Stage!

Alternative Ways to Gain Confidence On Stage

You may be the type of person who needs an alternative way to gain confidence before you affirm yourself. These three options can enable you to grow in confidence while perfecting your craft at the same time.

Take note that each builds on the following, but no matter where you are in your journey, each point can help you as a standalone.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Performing on stage contributes to the saying “practice makes perfect.” And while the saying is true in a sense, the truth is that the more you effectively practice, the better you become.

This rule applies to public speaking just as much as it does to practicing a musical instrument or learning how to cut a tree down safely. You get better when you spend the necessary hours, do the appropriate work, and effectively execute your practice.

2. Learn How to Be A Confident Person In Front of A Crowd

Similarly, practicing confidence-boosting methods of handling yourself nonverbally also yields tremendous growth. Again, there are many available techniques you can educate yourself on, put into your next talk, and build on.

Spend the time necessary and build your confidence in your:

  • Tone of voice
  • Hand gestures
  • Posture
  • Way you command the stage

Perfecting your techniques will help the audience accept you as confident. The more confident you are in front of a crowd, your audience will be more relaxed. A relaxed audience is often a receptive audience.

3. How To Gain Confidence In Public Speaking

Our speaker coaches like to tell our TED speakers that they should never be in search of perfection. Unfortunately, many of these achievers often struggle to relinquish their expectations. These individuals develop anxious public speaking behavior.

When you permit yourself to be flawed, you bring your authentic aurora to the TED stage. To do this, you need to shake out any philosophies of how you think you should be.

Next, practice your speech with inflection. Practice in the car, in Starbucks, while jogging, and doing a million different things. This method of practicing enables you to step outside of your comfort zone while gaining confidence speaking about your topic.

Become An Admired Tedx Speaker: Put Your Affirmations Into Practice

You never know who’s waiting to hear your story or how your unique delivery style will connect with your audience. However, you can take steps today to book your first talk and become a successful speaker.

Fear can’t hold you back anymore because you have the tools to overcome your anxieties. You can become a confident speaker, and that’s not just an affirmation to speak over yourself—it’s also a fact!

The uniqueness of your message and how you deliver it can impact people in ways you can’t imagine. Your story is yours specifically because you experienced it. It’s your mindset, viewpoint, and outlook that makes it so unique Take advantage of this and allow yourself to feel empowered.

You can speak confidently, and you can impact your audience for the better. Just like David Gerber, you, too, can use your fears to fuel your message and impact thousands. All that’s left to do is take that first step to become a confident public speaker!


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